How To Get Rid Of Oily Face The Proper Way ?

Knowing how to get rid of oily face is something that everyone is looking for. However, the huge array of ways and methods to do so which you will find online are sure to leave you baffled- like what to try and what not to. However, there are a large variety of these so called methods which are also myths and may cause adverse effects.

The table given below lists some of the common beliefs about oily skin and how true they actually are:

Statement/BeliefMyth or Reality?
Oil control can be done through stripping your skin with harsh drying ingredients like alcohol.Myth!
Doing so can actually cause overproduction of oil since it will try to make up for what’s lost through it!
Steaming is an effective method for cleaning the dirt and oil from the skin pores.Reality
Steaming is one of the most effective techniques, and it also makes the skin softer and removes oil easily.
Use of sunscreen can increase the production of oil in your skin.Myth!
There are a variety of sunscreens that won’t clog pores and even help in oil absorption.
Exposing your skin to the sun can be ideal for removing oil from it.Myth!
This is a big myth- for sun exposure is never good for skin. This can actually lead the skin to make up for what lost through this, and even increases the oil production.
Exercising is beneficial to remove oil from the skin. Reality
Exercising every day for over 30 minutes helps make the skin oil-free as well as also make you look beautiful
There are no cures to oily skin!Myth!
An oily skin is manageable like many other skin conditions- and that too very easily. Read on to know more about the best ways to prevent and get rid of oily skin!

Some of the most common as well as effective ways that will answer your question of how to get rid of oily face and make it healthier include:

1. Exfoliation

Exfoliating your skin at least once every week will help remove excess sebum from it. Steaming before exfoliating helps you get a deep facial cleansing and achieve better results. This is one of the most effective techniques in unclogging pores which are full of impurities. A lot of dirt also sticks to oily skin, and using a good exfoliating product can help remove not only the oil but this dirt as well. Read the article about best drugstore powder foundation for oily skin to know what other people are using. If you prefer foundations from famous brands, read this post: Best Foundation For Oily Skin.

2. Daily Exercise

Exercising every day for over 30 minutes is known to have a host of benefits. But guess what- it can be the perfect answer to your concern regarding how to get rid of oily face as well! The science behind this is simple- when you exercise, your sweat glands become active, which comes to the skin via sweat pores, washing away the dirt and oils from it as well. Special facial exercises can also help you improve the circulation of blood in your skin. Rubbing ice over your face also helps clear oil and get rid of many other skin problems.

Daily Exercise get rid of oily skin
Daily exercise is always good for your health

3. Decreasing Stress

Stress is one of the most common yet lesser known reasons of oily skin. Lack of sleep, personal problems and so on make up some of the most common causes of stress. This increases the oil-producing hormones in a person’s body, and also adds to skin aging. Thus, trying techniques like yoga, meditation as well as staying in a good mood to combat stress will do wonders for your skin as well!

get rid of oily skin stress caused
Stress can produce oily on your face

4. Remove Makeup

In order to avoid oily skin and pimples, remember to remove your makeup before you go to sleep. It prevents the oils from coming to skin which further results in pimples. Remove makeup properly using cold water as well as a good moisturizer before sleeping to keep your skin healthy!

5. Natural Method

Apart from all of these, there are also quite a few natural methods that you can use to get rid of oily skin. Lemon is one of the most effective products when it comes to answering how to get rid of oily face. It is a natural skin cleanser which contains citric acid as well as vitamin C which make the skin fairer and oil free. Dilute lemon juice with water and apply it to your skin with your fingers, rubbing it gently all over your face.

Aloe Vera is another effective gel that you can use to remove the grease on your skin. It is not only a rich moisturizer, but also has antioxidants as well as skin cleaning extracts which make it a very effective natural cleanser. Keep the gel of aloe vera on your face for around 20 minutes, and after that wash it with water.

Gram Flour is also a good home-remedy when it comes to making the skin oil free. Mix a little bit of rose water to gram flour and then make a paste of it. Rub this face on your face in circular motion for about five minutes, and then allow it to dry. After a while, wash it off with cold water. The advantage of using gram flour is that it soaks the oils on your skin and gives it a fresh as well as non-greasy appearance.

get rid of oily skin natural method
Fruit can be used as homemade remedies for oily skin, click here to read more.

6. Surgical Methods

When nothing else works or when oily skin is caused due to some serious skin condition, then there are a variety of surgical and treatment options that exist as well. The latest treatments in this area include new modalities targeting the sebaceous glands. These include photodynamic therapies, no ablative radiological devices as well as laser devices using diode lasers.

Generally speaking, therapeutic options to control oily skin target the sebaceous glands. As more knowledge and insight is gained into its working and functioning, the number of available treatment options and their effectiveness continues to increase.

If you are someone who is worried or alarmed by oily skin, then there’s only one thing which you need to remember- there is no need to be! Oily skin, like any other skin condition, has a variety of cure and control methods, and with the right approach and a little bit of caution, you can get the soft oil-free skin that you have always wanted!


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