Does the Caveman Regimen for Oily Skin Really Work?

The caveman technique is a skincare trend in which people give up using all types of skincare products, literally. It focuses on the idea that the human body is able to take care of itself if it is given the opportunity to do so. The caveman regimen is said to work, but does the caveman regimen for oily skin really work? There is no statistical evidence or research showing that a caveman regimen is more effective than any other skincare routine.

You may read some stories on social networks or beauty forums, claiming that the caveman regimen has amazing effects on their skin. However, the only reasonable explanation for that claim is that those people were applying the bad skin care products or using the ones that are not suitable for their skin types. In this case, stopping using those products leads to healthier skin. Again, there is no proof that the caveman regimen itself triggers those improvements on oily skin.

The first thing about the caveman regimen that needs to be understood is that it does not have a universal approach for everyone. The reasons why people choose this type of regimen are different from person to person, but they usually share some common facts:

  • Their skin is already healthy so they don’t need to use skincare products.
  • They have a busy life and they don’t have time to take care of their skin properly, so they choose to ignore the skincare routine totally and call it “caveman regimen”.
  • Some people are psychically frightened of chemical ingredients, so they decide to avoid as many of them as they can in their lives.

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Does the caveman regimen thicken skin?

Yes, it may. A normal skincare routine, at some point, involves exfoliation which removes dead skin cells and brightens the skin. However, when you stop exfoliating and start doing nothing for exfoliating, that does not remove impurities, the dirt will accumulate inside your pores and make you feel thickened skin. Besides that, dead skin cells are not exfoliated frequently enough, which also makes the skin look thicker.

For people with oily skin, it is a terrible idea to stop exfoliating, because the skin is naturally more prone to pore congestion.

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Is the caveman regimen for sensitive skin?

At first, the idea of not using any chemical skincare products may sound ideal for sensitive skin. However, the most important thing with any skincare routine is to avoid irritating ingredients. The caveman regimen encourages people not to use anything on their skin, which makes them believe that they are doing nothing wrong. However, sensitive skin needs more protection barriers than any other skin type. Using chemical exfoliants or basic body wash is not the same as using a good skincare routine for sensitive skin.

For example, sensitive skin needs sunscreen to block the UVA/UVB sunray, which is very harmful. If you use a caveman regimen and don’t apply sunscreen anymore, your skin is simply not getting the care it really needs to remain healthy. The same story happens with exfoliation, moisturization, and many other basic skincare steps that are important for sensitive skin.

Does caveman regimen make skin irritated?

Possibly. As you follow caveman regimen, you stop doing all the basic skincare steps that improve the texture and appearance of skin. Therefore, it is very likely to experience irritated skin, pimples, and clogged pores as a result.

A typical example is the dirt from the environment around you. If you do not use a cleanser or exfoliate your skin, you leave everything around to inhabit your skin. This is when irritation and inflammation kick in and make your skin look less healthy.

Is caveman regimen worse for your skin?

As said above, there is no research showing that caveman regimen does anything good to the skin. However, you may still wonder if it is worse than any other skincare routine. The answer is “yes and no”, because caveman regimen only has the bad things that skincare routines may offer. A good skincare routine contains ingredients that improve skin texture and make it healthier. On the other hand, caveman regimen does not contain any of those beneficial skincare products.

A good skincare routine works because it contains all the right ingredients. The caveman regimen, on the other hand, has nothing beneficial for the skin, so it is unlikely to deliver any positive results.

In short, if your skin is innately healthy, then caveman regimen may do nothing bad to your skin. However, if you notice any skin problems, then caveman regimen is not going to help your condition at all, which means it worsens the overall health of your skin.

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Can you treat dehydrated skin with caveman regimen?

Absolutely no. Dehydrated skin is a condition, which means you can’t cure it by not doing anything. On the contrary, the caveman regimen encourages people to stop exfoliating and moisturizing their skin, which makes any skin type worse.

In fact, treating dehydrated skin is not as simple as it seems. It is a complicated skincare problem, which needs more than just basic skin care products to fix the overall look and feel of skin. If you think you have dehydrated skin, make sure to see a dermatologist and ask for professional advice.

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Can caveman regimen cause dry skin?

Yes, it can. Most of the time, people with oily skin experience dry skin when they stop using a good skincare routine. On the other hand, people with oily skin experience oily skin when they follow caveman regimen. Basically, caveman regimen means doing nothing to improve the health of your skin. Therefore, you may experience a lot of skin problems, including dry skin.

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Does caveman regimen cause dead skin mask?

Yes, it does. This is normal if you do nothing to improve your skin condition. Dead skin cells tend to accumulate on the surface of your skin, which makes it look dull and dry. Therefore, exfoliation is an important skincare step to take care of the dead skin cells, which is impossible when you follow caveman regimen.

To summarize, following a caveman regimen does not make your skin better at all. If anything, it may worsen the overall health of your skin because you stop doing any skincare routine that improves the texture and appearance of skin.

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Caveman regimen and acne scars

Treating acne scars with caveman regimen is just as bad as treating your other skin problems. Acne scars are trouble you should fix with effective skincare products, not by following any random trend that does not improve anything. As long as you have acne scars, it is better to follow a good skincare routine than to stop doing anything.

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Red skin from caveman regimen

If you experience redness or irritation on the skin, you should see a dermatologist for professional advice. The redness of your skin may be caused by several things, not just because of using products that are not good for the skin. There are many reasons why you may experience redness and irritation, even when doing nothing at all to improve your skincare routine.

Caveman regimen & flaky skin

The same story as red skin caused by this skincare method, flaky skin needs more serious attention than just ignoring it for 30 days. A dermatologist is the best person who can help you find out what caused your flaky skin and how to fix it.

Caveman regimen & peeling skin

Peeling skin cannot be fixed by doing nothing. Again, it needs more than just basic care to improve the overall appearance of your skin. Peeling skin may be caused by different things, so you should not jump to any conclusions about what makes your skin peel.

Even skin tone with caveman regimen

The results are random. Some people experience good results, while some other people experience bad results. Skin tone is a very complicated thing, which means it needs more than just one step to improve the color and texture of the skin. It is better to use professional products than to do nothing for 30 days in order to change your skin tone.


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