How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face if You Have Oily Skin?

How often should you exfoliate your face if you have oily skin? Learn more in this post.

One of the best ways to keep your skin looking young and healthy is to exfoliate it on a regular basis. Exfoliation removes the dead cells from the surface of your skin, leaving it looking brighter and smoother.

There are many different ways to exfoliate your skin, but one of the most popular methods is to use a facial scrub. Facial scrubs are available in both chemical and physical forms. Chemical scrubs contain ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or glycolic acid that help to break down the bonds that hold the dead cells to the surface of your skin. Physical scrubs, on the other hand, contain small particles that help to slough off dead cells.

Either way, when you use a scrub, you remove the dead cells located on top of your skin. This helps to unclog pores and reduce breakouts. For people with oily skin, it is especially mandatory to exfoliate, since this skin type is easily clogged with excess facial oils.

But, how often should you exfoliate your face if you have oily skin?

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face if You Have Oily Skin thevenusface

If you have oily skin should you exfoliate every day?

No, you shouldn’t. If you exfoliate too frequently, this can make your skin thin and sensitive, which is not a good thing when your skin is exposed to the environment every day such as sun rays and pollutants.

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Is exfoliating good for oily skin?

Exfoliating is generally good for all types of skin, but it depends on the frequency of exfoliation. Exfoliating once a week is enough to remove the dead cells and clean your pores, which is important to get healthy and glowing skin.

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How often should you exfoliate oily skin?

You should exfoliate 3 times per week if you have oily skin, and it’s also a good idea to apply the scrub after you’ve showered, since the mild acids and moisturizing ingredients may work together more effectively. Besides that, it’s recommended to use chemical scrub instead of physical scrub since it contains helpful ingredients that are more effective in treating oily skin.

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How to exfoliate face at home for oily skin

Exfoliating is easy to do at home using one of the many available scrubs. There are 2 options for you to choose from:

Using store-bought face scrubs

Check this list of best face scrubs for oily skin on the market rated by customers and choose the one that suits you.

This is the easiest way to exfoliate your skin since most scrubs do not require any preparation. All you have to do is to massage the scrub onto your skin after cleansing with a facial cleanser, then rinse off with warm water. There are several types of face scrubs on the market so remember to choose face scrubs for oily skin. This type of scrubs should contain non-comedogenic ingredients so that they won’t clog your pores.

Using homemade face scrubs

This option may not be as easy as using store-bought scrubs, because you need to prepare the ingredients before using them. However, a homemade scrub is a more natural way to exfoliate your skin since you use ingredients that are already available at home. Besides that, some people prefer clean-and-green skincare so this is a great way to get rid of dead skin while saving money and protecting the environment.

The process of making scrubs may be long and thus may not be suitable to include in this blog post. Luckily, this website already has an excellent tutorial on how to make homemade face scrubs, which you can learn the detailed instruction in this post: 5 DIY Facial Scrubs for Oily Skin That You Can Do Under 5 Steps.

Final thought

Skincare is a very personal process, and many of us have different skin types. Oily skin can be challenging because it produces more sebum than other skin types, which leads to clogged pores and breakouts. If you’ve got oily skin or want an easy way to get rid of dead cells from the surface of your face without over-exfoliating, there are two ways you can try: store-bought scrubs or homemade scrubs. Remember that although exfoliation may seem like a simple solution for treating this type of oilier complexion, it’s actually not necessary every day. Also, note that you should exfoliate 3 times per week maximum, otherwise, you may irritate your skin and diminish the effectiveness of the treatment.

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Can over-exfoliating cause oily skin?

Maybe. Overdoing something is never a good thing, so it’s important to avoid over-exfoliating your skin in order not to irritate it. Over-exfoliation can cause most skin problems, which is why it’s recommended to exfoliate 3 times per week maximum. Over-exfoliating can cause oily skin or dry skin, depending on each person’s skin type.

Does oily skin need extra exfoliation?

Yes, it does. While other skin types need only 1-2 exfoliations per week, oily skin needs 3 times per week. Oily skin usually clogs more easily compared to other skin types, therefore exfoliating helps loosen dead skin cells that have built up inside the pores. With that being said, you shouldn’t exfoliate more than 3 times per week since it can cause skin problems.


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