How To Take Care Of Foot Skin To Wear Sandals Confidently

Cracks on your heels will be disappeared immediately with the following tips which are easy to do!

Treatment for cracked heels

Even if the weather in summer is not dry like winter, your heel cracks can still appear due to high temperature, impact from dust, dirt from the environment. To treat and avoid cracked heels, we also need to care of feet thoroughly.

The easiest way for you is to use coconut oil or olive oil to apply on the heel. Applying this method once a day in the evening, massage gently then rinse thoroughly with warm water. That is enough for a pair of heels which is not only soft but also good for blood circulation as well.


coconut and olive oil
Coconut oil and olive oil are good for your heels

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Softening skin on your feet

Every day, our feet move a lot. You should soak your feet in warm water mixed with a little salt in the evening. This way brings a lot of effects: soften the skin in feet, enhance blood circulation in the legs, disinfect the cracks, and clean, etc. Follow these tips and you will soon possess soft and beautiful feet.

Dead cell removal

It is easy: you may use a sponge, pebbles, luffa, or sliced lemon and rub over areas of your insteps and heels for 5-10 minutes during the shower. This helps to remove the dead skin and restrict the scar formation and it is important to bring softness, prettiness, whiteness for us as well!

sliced lemon
Sliced lemons can remove dead cells on the skin

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Pedicure of toenails

Toenails are also very important in contributing to the protection of the legs. You need to regularly cut toenails to remain a moderate length. Every day, during the shower, you should also brush and rub gently into your toenails to free them from impurities and harmful elements.

Attention to have your feet always ruddy and soft:

  • When going outside, wear footwear. It is paid attention to choose size footwear fitting your feet, avoid wearing wet shoes or sandals.
  • Keep clean feet, daily wash, clean with dry towels or you can also use talcum powder to absorb moisture.
  • Replace your stockings every day (if used). You should also choose socks made from absorbent materials.
  • Always trim toenails every day, avoid cutting too short or remaining too long.
  • Restrict the manicure, nail polish regularly, etc.
  • Regularly wash your feet with antibacterial soap and water.
  • Make a mask for feet twice a week with natural ingredients such as yogurt, coconut oil, olive oil or tomato, cucumber, etc.
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