Heading out for the Rides of Your Life? Make Sure You’re Properly Coiffed!

Okay, so that big day trip you’ve been waiting for forever is finally upon you. You’re planning on doing a little cruise around town in your snazzy car, before heading out to the docks and out on that big yachting trip you’ve been waiting for. The big question, of course, is: What will you do with your hair?!

Relax. There are plenty of ways to make yourself look stylish while protecting yourself from the elements and making sure that you stay photo-ready at every moment. When you head out to rent a convertible car in Dubai, while on vacation, for example in UAE, you’ll be able to picture yourself in your car, flying down the beachside drive, hair streaming in the wind, and still be ready for the rest of the day events. It will take a bit of planning, but in the end, you’re sure to come out looking fabulous.

Consider a new color

This is the big day, after all. Why not go all out and try a new color or a highlight? Think about where you’ll be headed and what would best suit the mood.

Think about some ideas that you’ve considered in the past. Maybe leaf through some hair mags or websites to look for inspiration. What color will your rental car be? How about switching to something that will complement the waves? Perhaps you’d like to go subtle; just a few highlights to spruce up your look.

Don’t fear the wind

You want a look that will impress but not one that will make it look like you’re heading off on a wedding shoot. Remember, this is your day to let loose, and you want your look to reflect that.

Therefore, you might want to put your hair up, but don't tie it in a tight bun or something that will look too crazy if you want to let it down. The whole point of being in the car and out on the water is to let yourself be free, after all.

Break it up by activity

You might want to put together three looks: one for the car, one for the yacht, and one for the restaurant you’ll be heading out to afterward.

Remember, when you step into your convertible, you’ll be riding in the wind whether you like it or not. Give yourself some nice waves that will move with the wind in the car. You can’t be too careful about your locks as they certainly won’t stay in one place. Imagine you’re shooting an ad for the convertible: What look would you want to portray?

The same goes for the yacht when you head out for the best yacht rental service in Dubai. For this part, you might want to go with something a bit more tame. Perhaps a nice bandana to keep your locks in place, but not twist them permanently so as to ruin your evening look.

Finally, you’ll arrive back in town and get ready to hit the restaurant. As long as you haven’t yanked your hair too much in one direction, you should be able to give it a gentle brush and once again be ready for your next-phase look. Just make sure you don’t fall in the water!

You can do it all in one day

It sounds unlikely that you’ll be able to be picture-ready at every moment of your whirlwind tour in and around the Emirates. But it’s not impossible. Pay attention to how you head out and be sure not to wet or pull at your hair too much. But most of all, don’t forget to enjoy yourself in the car and on the yacht. If you look overly worried about your appearance, it will detract from that perfect look of freedom you’re aiming for.

theVenusface Team
theVenusface Team
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