A Revolution Of Cellulite Treatment

Cellfina, the first device approved by FDA for long-term improvement, almost two years.

More than 80% of women have problems with cellulite. Most of them tried to overcome the disease but they couldn’t get the desired success. But now there is a solution that can give you freedom of depending on the useless caffeine creams. Cellfina system has been approved by the US FDA for long-term development in cellulite appearance without losing the benefit for the time period of up to two years, the longest time period of a procedure of minimally-invasive cellulite, cleared by the administration.

Mechanical suction is used in Cellfina. Tissue bands (there is hardly any bruising or bleeding as the smallest scalpel comes in use) in fat under the skin are cut carefully for the purpose of smoothening the dimpling. According to plastic surgeon Dr. Simeon Wall, “Cellfina is certainly better than other devices because tissues get heated from other devices and the fibrous bands are not uniformly disrupted by them and that creates puckers. Risk related to contour irregularities can get reduced with the help of Cellfina because it comes with smartly designed delivery apparatus that helps in holding the skin in place so that the bands are cutoff at exact depths.”, and he also says that the person will get the effective result in three days and only one treatment is needed for the purpose (cost the treatment maybe $2500-$5000) and the right candidate “does not have numerous wavy and long lines, but dimply cellulite”. Beach prep for the next summer has certainly gotten easier.

kim kardashian cellulite
Kim Kardashian unintentionally exposed her cellulite at the Grammy Awards 2015
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