5 Common Causes Of Oily Skin That You Should Know

Oily skin is a major problem for any individual. Most of the time people suffer from the oily skins primarily due to the overactive glands that are present in human skin. The oil that is produced from the skin is called sebum and the over production of the sebum makes the skin greasy. This blocks the pores of the skin and makes the skin looks dirty. Oily skin is a problem mainly for the women and this sort of skin creates a lot of problem for them. There are some very potent reasons for a person to get the oily skin.

1. Genetics

oily skin cause 1 gennetics
Complete treatment for oily skin caused by genetic not found yet

The most common cause of the oily skin is the genetic factor. This is something that you can’t help because someone from your parents’ side possessed such oily skin and that has inherited by you. In these circumstances you can develop oily skin at a very tender age or you can develop the oily skin at a very late age. But if the oily skin happens from the genetic reason then you can’t stop it. Luckily, applying the makeup properly will hide your oily face, you can try this as a temporary method

2. Hormonal activity

hormone causes oily skin
Changing in hormone during pregnancy can cause greasy face

As you grow up there are lots of hormonal activities that takes place in your body. Hormonal changes are caused during the puberty levels especially in case of the woman. B estradiol is known to enhance the secretion of oil from the sebaceous gland for women in the reproductive age. During the menopause the estrogen level decrease the testosterone and is not at all masked with the body of the woman. The testosterone normally stimulates the sebaceous glands so as to secrete sebum and thus the oily skin develops.

3. Diet

diet food is the reason of oily skin
Some food can be the reason of your oily face

Studies have found that there are certain foods that have been the main reason for the oily skin for you. One such food is the unsaturated fats that are present in the French fries and chips. These fast foods contain omega 6 fatty acids and continuous consumption of this food can lead to oily skins. The grease and oil that are present in the unsaturated foods can affect your skin badly. Consumption of too many dairy products can also affect the skin and can cause the oily skin. These dairy products can contain high level of cog and it results in producing the oily skin. Alcohol is another diet which can cause a lot of oily skin if you consume them in large quantity. Too much eating of refined carbohydrates and sugar can also lead to the development of the oily skin.

4. Use of cosmetics

Oil-based and water-based cosmetic
Oil-based makeup stuff may make your skin oiled

The skin care products can affect your skin in a long way since these products contains a lot of oil in them. Most of the skin care products can contain harsh chemicals and you can develop oily skin for you. There are lots of fragrances that can cause oily skin also. Mineral oil is not a good thing because it can also cause oily skin as well. Try using products that are proven to be oily skin friendly, this article gathers some best foundations for oily skin of all time that you may want to take a look.

5. Over cleansing

over-cleansing and oiled face
Try another cleanser to see the difference

Excessive cleaning is the most common cause for the oily skins. The problem occur when you over cleans your face with cleansing milk, because cleansing milk can produce a lot of oil and make the skin oily. Getting rid of oily face needs more effort than you think.


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