Best Makeup For Oily Skin: Don’t Misunderstand These Things

Oily skin might mean a lot of trouble for a woman. And to your surprise, they aren’t just limited to the lack of makeup and other styling options for your skin, but also cause some serious and annoying skin problems like pimples, dry and dull-looking skin, and so on. Hence, improving the condition of your oily skin is not something that should be left to faith or expected to improve without doing anything about it. In fact, the oily nature of your skin might only get worse if you do nothing about it and expect it to improve naturally.

However, oily skin doesn’t always mean that you cannot go for makeup. In fact, you actually should, but it shouldn’t be a general one but something specific that would help deal with your oily skin. All you need to know is what works best on your skin and what the best makeup for oily skin is in order to get rid of the oil that accumulates on the so-called T-zone area of your face. This includes your nose, chin, and forehead. These particular parts are bound to stay oily if you suffer from oily skin.

Below given are some general but proven to be helpful makeup solutions for dealing with oily skin. Do note that some of these solutions are also recommended by some of the most well-known and expert dermatologists so they are actually bound to work if you follow them carefully and consistently. These simple but effective solutions can help you do the best makeup for oily skin:

Don’t go washing your skin every now and then

One of the most common mistakes people with oily skin do is wash their face every now and then. Now though it may actually help reduce the oil quite a bit for some time, it’s nowhere near being an actual solution. In fact, washing your face so very often will only result in dryness around the areas that are not oily, making your face look even dull.

You can instead go for simply clean your face with a soft cloth on the oily areas. This might turn out to be a much better solution which will not only help you get rid of the oil on your face immediately but also not result in dry skin in other areas. Furthermore, it might actually help you lower the amount of oil you experience on the oily areas of your face over a period of time.

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makeup oily skin face washing
Washing your face frequently is not a good solution

Using a makeup primer

Using a makeup primer can turn out to be a little magic trick, for it can indeed help your makeup stay put for hours, which otherwise might be practically impossible. A makeup primer actually helps the makeup stay put for a longer time, and is usually used when one needs to be a part of occasions and events that would go on for hours without allowing one to go doing makeup in between.

The expert makeup artist Emily Kate Warren, suggests that one should at least prime the oiliest areas of their face, which are usually the forehead, nose, and chin, or in other words, the T-zone. Also, for people with oily skin, using an oil-free or anti-shine primer is more recommended, as it’s specifically designed for helping one deal with their oily skin. One important thing to note here is that you shouldn’t put it on before cleaning your face or after applying your powder, foundation, or other makeup. It would be ideal to put it on after cleaning your face and before doing any makeup. This might ensure your makeup stays put for quite a few hours. You can visit this post: Best Drugstore Powder Foundation For Oily Skin to check out which are the top-rated by other consumers.

Avoid concealers

Now though it might sound a bit surprising, avoiding concealers, especially if you don’t suffer from dark circles or redness around your eyes, might actually go a long way in helping you deal with the oily area around your eyes besides helping the makeup stay put in that area. Warren says that one can instead resort to a primer again, but this time to something that is specifically designed for eyelids. This would help restrict the oiliness in that particular area and your makeup stay put throughout the day.

Avoid overdoing powder

This is again one of the most common mistakes people with oily skin fall prey to. After all, it does seem to help cover up oily skin for some time and hence might get quite tempting. However, it is to be noted that it can actually cause quite a bit of trouble over time by increasing the level of oiliness on your face. The reason behind this is the fact that applying a lot of powder makes your pores push out more oil in the long run, and once the damage is done, it might get too difficult to revert it.

In case you mistakenly apply too much powder, consider using a makeup sponge to get rid of the excess powder by blotting it over the powdered areas.

oily skin makeup overdoing powder
Overdoing powder is not good in the long term

Using blotting papers

Well, no matter how perfect your makeup looks while leaving your home in the morning, it’s bound to spot shine by midday, especially if you suffer from oily skin. After all, oily skin never lets your makeup stay put for too long and usually results in a shining, oily-looking face.

Using blotting sheets can help you keep the oil on your skin under control and your makeup stay put for way longer than it otherwise would. However, these blotting papers might come in two varieties, helping you deal with your oily skin in two different ways. It is to be noted though that both types of blotting papers can be an excellent way of dealing with the oil on your skin while you are out.

The first type of blotting paper might simply clear the oil from your skin, making it look natural and surprisingly more lively. On the other hand, the other type of blotting paper is known to deposit a bit of powder that helps to sop up the oil. Hence, though both have different ways of helping you deal with the oiliness on your skin, they both can be quite effective at it all the same. Using them, thus, becomes essential if you intend to go for the best makeup for oily skin. (Read more: How to get rid of oily face)

oily skin makeup blotting paper
Blotting paper is a good friend of an oily face

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