5 Basic Makeup Styles That Are Never Outdated

Through experience and reviews of the beauty blogger with makeup trends, they found five basic makeup style considered as unconquerable formula to create a perfect appearance for any girl.

Each type of makeup expresses a specific characteristic, so choose yourself makeup style that suits the circumstances, your mood and outfit!

1. Red lips

In all makeup styles, there is only one pass every challenge of time from very long ago, even from time of ancient Egypt, it is believed that Cleopatra was a pioneer for this trend and it has become popular up to now.

Yes, we are referring to the bright red lip color. Though through centuries, a girl with sexy red lips would be a magnet that attracts every look. “Weapons” that we are talking here is only 1 red lipstick, which can bring pleasure and make you confident immediately.

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red lip thevenusface

2. Cat eyes

Cat eyes style makeup trend is favorites from the 50s, this will always be the trend reigning in the makeup style for the eyes. Not only make eyes big and astute, it will make you become more fashionable and style.

cat eyes makeup thevenusface

3. Smoky eyes

Nothing helps us stand out as smoky eyes. All what you need is a lining of the eyes, a dark smoke color having emulsion or not, and a broom. Only with 3 make tools, you will have eyes which seem to hypnotize anyone around.

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smoky-eyes thevenusface

4. Natural makeup

A thin radiant and beautiful foundation layer, a little reddened cheek and lightly colored lipstick is enough for this makeup style. Look through the simple but should not therefore that underestimate the skill makeup how to naturally for that still shines.

Natural-Makeup thevenusface

5. Matte makeup

Focus on the structure of the makeup products, creating blocks carefully, and a matte lipsticks, then you will look like a “foreigner”. From time to time many  fashionable makeup styles trends  are appeared, but this matte makeup style will always be an irreplaceable legend in makeup world.

matte makeup thevenusface


theVenusface Team
theVenusface Team
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