Is Avocado Oil Good for Oily Skin? 4 Benefits & 2 Ways to Use

Is avocado oil good for oily skin? Learn more in this post.

People with oily skin often have a shiny complexion and may experience acne breakouts. Besides that, everyone has oily skin to different degrees, and the amount of oil your face produces changes over time.

While some people are born with oily skin, others develop it over time due to many factors, such as stress, diet, and hormones. Depending on the causes, treatments are different from person to person.

The most popular treatment is to invest in a good quality skincare regime. For example, washing your face daily with oil-free products will help to keep the skin balanced and reduce breakouts. In addition, you can also use a light moisturizer to keep the skin looking plump and fresh throughout the day. Or, applying natural oils, such as argan oil, after washing the face is beneficial for certain skin types, because it can balance out excess production of sebum.

Avocado oil is a carrier oil that is usually used in many skin care products. However, is avocado oil good for oily skin?

Is Avocado Oil Good for Oily Skin 4 Benefits 2 Ways to Use thevenusface

Is avocado good for oily skin?

Not really. Avocado oil scores 3 in the comedogenic rating, which means it can clog pores. So, if your skin is already prone to breakouts, it might not be the right choice. The ideal comedogenic rating for oily skin should range from 0 to 2.

Avocado oil benefits for skin

While it is not ideal for oily skin particularly, this oil still gives many benefits for skin health. Some typical advantages:


This is the most common use of avocado oil. It is an excellent moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin types thanks to its potassium and lecithin content. Just in case you don’t know, moisturizing is as important for oily skin as it is for any other skin type. You can buy moisturizers that are designed specifically for oily skin, or you can just make them at home.

Acne treating

Whether you have just started to notice a few breakouts or are dealing with an acne diagnosis, avocado oil can be of great help. The powerful anti-inflammatory effects of this green smoothie will help reduce redness and inflammation in your skin while providing other benefits like natural hydration for dry areas.


Consuming this oil will also help keep the skin looking healthy and youthful on the outside. It’s packed with healthy fat, which works to keep your skin from wrinkles and fine lines while boosting the healing process of any existing scars. Although the advantage of greasy skin is that it makes you look younger, using this oil should give you the compound effect so that you can maintain a youthful look while keeping your skin healthy.

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Preventing sun damage

The antioxidant quality of this oil will also work to keep your skin safe from sun damage. It’s a good oil for protecting the skin before going out in the sun.

How to use avocado oil for oily skin

With all these benefits, you may want to try using avocado oil for yourself. There are 2 ways to go about it:

Applying directly

This is simple and straightforward, just apply directly after washing your face, use your fingers to massage it in a circular motion for three minutes, and then rinse with cool water. Or you can add this oil into the body wash and then take a shower. However, it is not recommended to use this oil directly if you have greasy faces.

Using as an ingredient

Because of the comedogenic rating of 3, you may not want to apply this oil directly if you have oily skin. Instead, you should use it as an ingredient in DIY remedies, this will make it a more beneficial treatment for your skin type.

For example, this is a great DIY moisturizer you can make with 3 simple ingredients:

  • Avocado oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Beeswax pellets

To know the step-by-step instruction, check this guide: DIY oily skin moisturizer with avocado oil & coconut oil.

We have written many DIY remedies for oily skin using many carrier oils and essential oils as well as other natural ingredients. You can find many of them in this blog.

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Final thought

Oily skin is a common skin type that can be caused by many factors, including genetics and lifestyle choices. While there are treatments available, not every treatment works for every person. Avocado oil is a carrier oil that has many benefits for the skin, but it may not be ideal for oily skin specifically. You can use avocado oil directly after washing your face or add it to other skincare products, but you should avoid using it if you have very oily skin. There are many other oils that are better suited for this skin type. However, avocado oil still has many benefits for the skin including moisturizing, acne treatment, anti-aging, and sun damage prevention. Remember that there are many great oils out there, so you should explore to find the right one for your skin type. Do not limit yourself to just avocado oil!

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Does avocado oil clog pores?

Yes, it does. Avocado oil has a comedogenic rating of 3, which means that it is considered moderately likely to clog pores. Thus, applying this oil directly is not recommended for people with oily skin.

Is avocado scrub good for oily skin?

Yes, it is. While avocado oil has a comedogenic rating of 3, it may not ideal to use it alone since it will clog your pores. However, mixing with other oils or ingredients will make it more beneficial for your skin type. The face scrub is an example.

Do avocados clear skin?

Yes, they do. Avocados have antioxidants and minerals that aid in the removal of dead skin cells and exfoliating the skin from the inside out.

Is avocado face mask good for oily skin?

Yes, it is. Mixing this oil with other ingredients in DIY recipes will dilute the oil enough that your skin will not be too oily and clog the pores, while also delivering its benefits.

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