Hot Oil Treatment for African American Hair: How to Do It Correctly

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to do a hot oil treatment for African American hair.

Hot oil treatments are a great way to give your hair the extra moisture it needs. Many people use hot oil treatments before they shampoo their hair, but you can also use them as a stand-alone treatment. Hot oil treatments work by penetrating the hair shaft and delivering nutrients to the scalp. This can help to improve the health of your scalp and hair follicles, which can in turn lead to healthier, stronger hair. In addition, hot oil treatments can help to lock in moisture, making your hair look and feel softer and more manageable.

6 Steps To Do Hot Oil Treatments For African American Hair thevenusface

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6 steps to do hot oil treatments for African American hair

The easiest way to do a hot oil treatment is to purchase a pre-made product from your local beauty supply store. These treatments usually come in small packets or bottles, and you can follow the instructions on the packaging. If you prefer, you can also make your own hot oil treatment at home, however, we will talk about how to DIY hot oil treatment in another blog post. In this post, we will focus on the basic steps for doing a hot oil treatment.

Step 1: Choose the right oil for your Afro hair

There are a few different oils that you can use for hot oil treatments, but not all oils are created equal. Some oils can actually make your hair dryer and more prone to breakage. Other oils, such as olive oil, can be too heavy for some people’s hair. The best oils to use for hot oil treatments are castor oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, or almond oil.

Some of the best pre-made hot oil treatments product for African American hair:

Step 2: Heat the oil

Once you have chosen the right oil for your hair, you will need to heat it up. You can do this by placing the oil in a bowl and setting it in a pot of hot water, or by using a microwave-safe container and heating it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds. However, it is recommended to use the former method to heat the oil for beginners as you can actually use your finger to estimate the temperature of the oil. You don’t want the oil to be too hot, as this can burn your scalp. When you feel the oil is warm enough, simply take the bowl out of the pot of hot water.

Using the microwave can affect the quality of the oil. Thus, it is not recommended to heat the oil in the microwave for a long time.

Step 3: Apply the oil to your hair

Once the oil is heated, use your fingers to apply it to your scalp. Massage the oil into your scalp for a few minutes to help stimulate blood flow. Then, use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the oil evenly through your hair. Once the oil is applied, wrap your head in a warm towel and use a blow dryer to heat the towel for 3-5 minutes. This will help keep the temperature of the oil consistent and allow it to penetrate your hair shaft more effectively.

How to make the towel warm: use the blow dryer, like Shark HyperAir, set it to the highest temperature, and hold the towel a few inches away from it. Move the towel around so that all areas are warmed evenly.

It is simpler and more convenient if you have a hood dryer, as you can just put the towel over your head and turn it on.

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Step 4: Leave the oil in for at least 30 minutes

After you have applied the oil to your hair, allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes. At this stage you just have to wait, maybe surf the Internet or read a book or take a nap.

Step 5: Rinse your hair without shampoo

Because shampoo can strip your hair of the natural oils it needs, it is important to rinse the hot oil treatment out without using shampoo. Simply use lukewarm water to wet your hair, and then use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair. Once your hair is detangled, rinse it again with lukewarm water until it is free of any oil residue.

In case your hair is too oily even after rinsing, you can use a small amount of diluted clarifying shampoo just on your scalp. Remember that the whole idea of hot oil treatment is to moisturize your hair, so a little greasiness is to be expected.

Step 6: Use shampoo on the day after the treatment

The day after you do the hot oil treatment, you can shampoo your hair as usual. Be sure to use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Avoid harsh shampoos and conditioners, as they can strip your hair of the natural oils it needs. The best way is to opt for shampoos (and conditioners) that are made for African American hair.

Final thoughts

Hot oil treatments are a great way to add moisture and shine to your African American hair. By following these simple steps, now you know how to do hot oil treatment for African American hair, you can enjoy the benefits of hot oil treatment in the comfort of your own home.


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