Here Is Madonna Workout On A Daily Basis

Who does not know the Queen of pop, the ultimate diva Madonna? She is just not a singer but a fashion icon. During her tours whenever she performs live people are in awe seeing her toned body, her arms, and most importantly her flat abs. But all these are not achieved in a single day. It requires lots of dedication and patience. One cannot achieve it without proper exercising and weight training. Diet and nutrition also play a very important role. When all these things are combined together in a proper way and the person is determined to have a toned body, then it is possible. Here are some of the workout points which are followed by Madonna:

  1. Push-ups: These are undoubtedly the most popular ones. Here all the body parts like legs, arms, and abs are tone simultaneously. Extend the legs to the wider arm in the push-up position. This is to be held for 60 seconds and then again repeat with another leg.
  2. Squatting: This is another very common but useful form of training. Hold weight of five pounds and do center squats then plank walkout. Hold this for 60 seconds and again return back to center squat and finish by standing straight. Useful to tone arms, legs, butts.
  3. Isometric plank position: This is done to have those toned arms, back, thighs, legs, and abs. Hold some weight in hand and then move to isometric plank position and try to lunge forward and get your foot as close as to your hand. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat with another arm.
  4. Knee repeats: Stand upright then hinge at the hips and extend the arms above one’s head. Then just drive the knee towards the hands three times very fast. This time maintain your stability on one foot properly. Then repeat on another side too. This also helps in toning arms, legs, thighs, abs.
  5. Three pulses of curtsy lunge: This is very effective in toning butts and legs. Here one needs to do three pulses of curtsy lunge. Then lift the leg and take it out. After this bend it at the knees. Then repeat with the other leg. Do 10 reps on each side.
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theVenusface Team
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