Collection Of Recipes To Block Acne On Your Body Away

Although the hateful acne spots appearing on faces or anywhere on the skin zone of body such as the backs, chests or buttocks are annoying, causing diffidence to you when dressing up, especially during the summer time.

The hot and humid weather and air pollution, plus some bad living habits are easy to make acne raging, so the advice and guidance of a dermatologist are needed to find out the causes of acnes on your body and how to remove them, and also how to care your skin methodically for more beautiful and attractive in appearance with any type of outfit.

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Acnes on chests and backs

Causes of acne on the back and chest are quite similar. The skins in both zones are the place concentrating with a lot of greasy glands and easy to sweat, plus the underwear of bras and shirts, your backs often faces against the seat and backpack, making your skins easily stuffy, becoming an ideal residence for acne.

The back skin is thicker than those of the chest and may be used the heavy medications, while the chest skin is quite thin and easy to observe, and more self-handling.

You may self-treat acne on the upper back and behind shoulder zones at home, but if the acne scars become difficult to control, ask your dermatologist early before they become a longtime dark scar and difficult to recover.

The easy and effective manner to prevent acne on the back is to use shower cream containing Benzoyl Peroxide, capable of reducing swelling and inflammation of unsightly acne.

Another ingredient helping to reduce acne on your back is Glycolic Acid as an exfoliator making pores un-stuffy and helping the acne medication more effective easily,  and also bruising and acne scars will soon wear off in order that your skin is light gradually smoother.

When bathing, foaming of shower gel should be thoroughly done, and leave the foam on the skin for 5 minutes prior to rinse. Use additional aiders such as long-stem brushes, they also help you clean your back skin easier.

The daily routine is decided significantly to the acne conditions, for example, you should choose daily outfits with breathable and thinner materials, and change clothes after the gym, shower soon after exercise so that sweat and bacteria have no chance of causing acne.

For chest skin, it is inherently thinner than those of the back, avoid either exfoliation with coarse granular or scrubbing too long, and choose acne products with low concentrations should be done so that skin does not become dried.

acne on face

Acnes on buttock skin

There are many factors that may lead to acne on the buttock; however, the most common cause is due to hair follicle-stimulating. Sitting all day plus tight clothing easy makes sweat difficult to overflow, causing tiny blisters on the buttocks and thighs, it is a type of folliculitis.

In order that acnes are difficult to have opportunity to return, avoid tight-fitting clothing styles with thick materials and try choosing breathable materials such as cotton. Do not forget to exfoliate weekly to clean the hair follicles making your buttock skin smoother.

With the existing acne spots, because this skin zone is frequently exposed with clothing and other surfaces, so you may use the acne spot patches containing Salicylic Acid so they will not be moved.

Acnes on other skin zones

Acne may occur on any skin zones of the body, the causes vary due to the skin zone.

Let’s always start treatment early to avoid acne becoming a severe inflammation and firstly, use of low concentration and gentle products to avoid skin drying.

The most general and basic rule to prevent acne is to make skin always breathable, avoiding wearing all tight clothes, including headbands, hats, and underwear.

It is always prioritized to use skincare products, makeup cosmetics without oil, and labeled “noncomedogenic” (not causing acne) if possible.

With bruises and scars that never disappear after a long time of treatment, you should stop continuing to test new products and visit your doctor for advice early for appropriate treatment direction.

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