Coffee Shrub – An Unusual But Effective Beauty Product

In today’s modern world being beautiful is a boon and a curse. There are large numbers of beauty products that are needed and on the other hand, there are products that are never needed. Turn around the house, and we find beauty products everywhere; in medicine cabinet, bathroom, kitchen shelf, in the living room. Be it nail polish spills, headaches from strong perfumes and never forget about testing new scrubs and in-shower body gels, all causes a mess. Testing of spa grade treatment with a mud product in the bathroom, clogged the drains, I was forced to quit using heavy duty beauty products. With all these scrub experiments, my skin started to show no great effect, even with regular exfoliation. This made me to move into a new roommate free apartment, happy to continue my own shower in scrub experiments.

With excitement, I stocked up my beauty products with masks, wet skin moisturizers, scented shower lotions and also with the new coffee scrub. I thought this coffee scrub too will clog the drains and make it the bathroom messy. I was amazed, with one use of this scrub, my calluses and dark spots disappeared, the overall dull skin becomes glowing. These results were seen with no use of sun lotions though spending a little too much time in the sun. This coffee scrub is sulfate free. It is a good cleansing agent with make me skip my body wash. The aroma of this scrub is awesome, though the aroma will wake you up in the morning; it is not that strong to skip the morning coffee. I am not likely an active person in the morning, but coffee scrub aroma keeps me active, from jumping into the bed after the shower. Coffee scrub is must have beauty product.

Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub – 8 oz, around $32 on Amazon (Prime Product). 88% positive reviews. 4.4/5 customer ratings.

Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub
Exfoliates & cleanses in one step with Juara Invigorating Coffee Shrub.


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