Best Foundation For Oily Skin 2016: Your Answer Here

22 best foundations for oily skin in 2016 are elected based on Amazon customer ratings and reviews. Only best sellers are presented to you.

Choosing the best foundation for oily skin has been always a tough job due to the skin nature of each people, even choosing foundation based on skin tone is a difficult task, too. Others may suggest you using some products just because those products work on them, but the story is not that simple. In fact, every body has their own skin and they only fit with one or some specific foundation. The only way to figure out the foundation that most suits with your skin is to test them out. The list below can give you an idea on choosing the one for your oily skin since they are reviewed very positively by many customers.

Foundations are categorized in forms (5 forms):

  1. Liquid
  2. Cream
  3. Powder
  4. Spray
  5. Stick

Using the table of contents below to navigate to the form of foundations you need (or simply scroll down to read the entire list):

Requirements to be consider as Best foundation for oily skin

In order to be titled as Best Foundation For Oily Skin, the products must comply with all of the requirements below:

  1. Average customer ratings: 4.0 or higher
  2. Average positive reviews: 80% or higher
  3. To keep updated, only recent reviews are accepted
  4. Old reviews are NOT taken into consideration
  5. Only products reviewed by oily-skin customers are taken into consideration
  6. To reduce fake reviews, we put more weight on Verified-Purchase reviews

Here is the list of products that meet all of the strict requirements above:

(Prices may be discounted and vary due to different colors, click to check price precisely)

I. Liquid Foundations For Oily Skin

1. Make up forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

best foundation for oily skinPrice: $98
Customer rating: 4.7/5
Positive review: 92%

This Item Is TheVenusFace Best Choice

An foundation that is described to be “gorgeous, smooth, great, easy to use”, according to many Amazon customer reviews. Although the price is a little costly, the performance it offers is guaranteed to be worth every penny. Some consumers recommend using this 120 shade for people with yellow undertone and skin that is medium-fair. This is the best foundation for oily skin that is in liquid form.

2. tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation

lidquid foundation makeup

Price: $43
Customer rating: 4.4/5
Positive review: 81%

The producer advertises this product as a foundation that is long-lasting and gives full coverage along with the SPF 15 to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. Additionally, it does not make your face look cakey at all, it can be titled best primer for oily skin for what it offers

3. Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

Oil free foundation makeupPrice: $42
Customer rating: 4.0/5
Positive review: 80%

The combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C Ester enables it in offering a dewy and glowing finish that I simply loved and couldn’t even stop myself admiring the change it had brought about. The foundation is SPF 30, highly recommended by skin experts to get a strong protective layer on the face. This layer is helpful in reducing the ill effects of sunlight and V radiations. It can apply directly over the face or could be mixed up with a cream or powder to get better results.

4. NARS Sheer Matte Foundation

matte foundation oily face

Price: $25
Customer rating: 4.0/5
Positive review: 83%

The brand name NARS is not something unfamiliar with the cosmetic consumers. This time NARS produced a great foundation for oily skin and it looks like the product is warmly welcomed by even the most picky customers.

5. Cargo Liquid Foundation

matte foundation full coveragePrice: $36
Customer rating: 4.1/5
Positive review: 80%

If you want a light foundation, this is the one for you. It does not offer heavy coverage, which is not good for oily skin. In fact, the product is oil-free and it does not make you skin feel greasy after all, not to mention that the makeup lasts for more than 11 hours.

II. Cream Foundations For Oily Skin

6. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

oily skin foundation

Price: $45
Customer rating: 4.6/5
Positive review: 86%

This Item Is TheVenusFace Best Choice

This is obviously a fortune for those whose oily skin that the famous producer Laura Mercier offers. This product gives a “full coverage”, but “light on skin”. Indeed, considering a lot of positive reviews, no fancy word needed to say about this great stuff, I personally think you should try this foundation yourself, you won’t be regret ! This can be considered as the best foundation for oily skin in cream form.

7. jane iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream

cream foundation for oily skin

Price: $48
Customer rating: 4.5/5
Positive review: 85%

This is a sunscreen cream that has key ingredients such as grapefruit Extract, Apple extract, Bitter Orange, and Titanium Dioxide. It minimizes wrinkles, pores and brightens skin. This is a great dermal solution for those who are living their 40s and more. Within a few minutes of topical application, the cream gives mineral UV protection.  The fruit extracts used in the cream rejuvenate the skin with antioxidants and nutrients. So along with sunscreen protection, you also get the skin nourishment. The cream has very low toxicity rating, which makes it ideal for daily use. With the regular, Jane iredale Glow cream will beautifully enhance your natural completion.

8. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

tinted moisturizer foundation makeupPrice: $42
Customer rating: 4.7/5
Positive review: 92%

Although it was named as a moisturizer by the producer, most of the reviews considered this product as a foundation, but without making you feel heavy and caked-on. In fact, this moisturizer/foundation is very lightweight. Despite the fact that this is a moisturizer, it does not leave your skin oily. Also, the SPF 30 in the ingredient gives you a decent sunscreen. Also, we already have a list of top rated moisturizer used for oily skin type, if you are more interested in moisturizers than foundations; and just in case you are a careful person, use jojoba oil as pre-moisturizer before applying moisturizer.

9. Philosophy Supernatural Poreless/Flawless Tinted Primer, SPF 15

best foundation primer for oily facePrice: $30
Customer rating: 4.2/5
Positive review: 80%

It would be a mistake not adding this item into the list considering a lot of positive review. A 61-year-old customer said that this foundation made her much more younger than her age. The SPF 15 can act as a slight protection against the harmful UV.

10. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer Foundation

waterproof foundation oily skin typePrice: $18
Customer rating: 4.2/5
Positive review: 80%

This is more than a foundation, in fact, it’s a multi-functional product that can do all the jobs needed for you skin: concealer and highlighter. The price is also very fair compared to all the tasks it offers. To have the best use, it is suggested using a foundation brush instead of a sponge.

III. Powder Foundations For Oily Skin

Note: best drugstore powder foundations for oily skin can be found here.

11. Jane Iredale Amazing Base SPF 20

powder foundation for oily skin

Price: $44
Customer rating: 4.6/5
Positive review: 88%

A mineral foundation that can be considered as a concealer and a sunscreen, which is advertised to be a oil-controlled product and to protect your skin from UVA – harmful sun rays. The item makes you feel “light on the skin” and “doesn’t sit in wrinkles”. A customer also said that this product didn’t cause more acne although she was an acne sufferer. This product is the best foundation for oily skin in powder form.

12. Philosophy Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas Powder, SPF 15

top #1 powder foundation

Price: $35
Customer rating: 4.4/5
Positive review: 80%

Some suggested using this powder foundation as a “quick brush up” after applying other makeup. This product is even compared with the Bare Essentials, which is very well-known.

13. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Micro, Finishing Powder

powder foundations for oily skin

Price: $34.48
Customer rating: 4.2/5
Positive review: 80%

Bye Bye Pores  HD Micro is a beauty solution that smoothes the skin and gives it a poreless finish. It has precious ingredients such as Vitamin A, C and E, Collagen, Pure Silk, Vitamin K and other micro particles. This facial powder contains essential oils  that will reduce the skin discoloration. It is suitable for all the skin tones. It is a perfect powder for someone who wants to minimize all types of pores on the skin. It improves the skin tone and texture while erasing wrinkles and line on the face. This finishing powder can be easily applied by using a simple brush.

14. Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals MATTE SPF 15 Foundation

water based foundation primer

Price: $26.5
Customer rating: 4.3/5
Positive review: 83%

Like always, this matte base foundation of Bare Minerals was unique in its own ways. Although the result was no different from the other two products, the only difference was the matte finish over the face. For a heavy, oily skin like mine, it performed well for over 8 hours after application which was quite a feat in itself. The application part was so easy, just a swirl of the application brush to pick and tuck the foundation particles and stroke evenly to spread the foundation all over the face.

15. Pur Minerals 4-In-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup

Mineral foundation makeup primer for oily face

Price: $24
Customer rating: 4.6/5
Positive review: 88%

This foundation have been reviewed positively on Amazon, which even considered to be the “best mineral foundation ever”. A lot of consumers stated that they have oily skin and this product performs excellent on their facial skin. As other foundations, this one contains SPF 15 providing a slight UV protection.

IV. Spray Foundations For Oily Skin

16. Classified Cosmetics ERA FACE Spray On Foundation – Y7

Spray foundations for oily skin

Price: $57.99
Customer rating: 4.7/5
Positive review: 87%

Everyday Foundation Makeup from ERA  Beauty provides creamy vanilla skin. It contains essential skin nourishing vitamins and botanicals that provide a loyal foundation on the skin. This cream is oil and water resistant, so you won’t have the problem of sweating it out on a hot day. For those who have acne scars Everyday Foundation Makeup is a fantastic solution. It provides natural and flawless foundation even for the summer days. As this is a foundation spray it provides even coverage on the skin. Everyday Foundation Makeup is suitable for all skins and it comes with a patented aerosol brush. Obviously, this item is the best foundation for oily skin in spray form.

17. Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish

best oily skin foundation makeup

Price: $49
Customer rating: 4.3/5
Positive review: 80%

The manufacturer produces this spray makeup with the purpose of “minimize the needs for touchups”. Be advised that this product is not a foundation, but a finishing spray that prevents the foundation from breaking up. This item is considered to be a supplying tool that aids your make up to make it even better. Because it can go with any foundation, it’s worth taking a look at this amazing makeup finish.

18. Pur Minerals Liquid Veil 4-in-1 Spray Foundation

Spray foundations

Price: $30
Customer rating: 4.2/5
Positive review: 81%

Pur Minerals 4 in 1 Spray Foundation hydrates the skin with the use of liquid crystals. This beauty solution gives a flawless skin with a satin finish. The spray foundation provides a firmer look with the use of Ceretin Complex and smoother nourishment. Some of the key ingredients used in the product are Shea Butter Extract, Lecithin, Silica, Sodium Starch, Lactic Acid, Ceramide AP, and Titanium dioxide. This product can be used with a kabooky brush to moisturize the face. The liquid crystals used in the Pur minerals Liquid veil give a smooth finish without putting a cakey appearance.

19. Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Airbrush Spray Makeup

spray foundations oily face

Price: $17.97
Customer rating: 4.1/5
Positive review: 80%

Natural Beauty Airbrush Makeup from Sally Hansen is a professional makeup solution that gives a flawless coverage on the skin. It is natural and light on the face. The foundation cream gives a Light pale color on the face, which is perfect to get a fair skin. The product not only cover the skin it reduces the visibility of pores. One can shake the spray directly and apply it on the face to get a flawless look. However, many recommend using a sponge to get good skin texture in the face. The key ingredients used are Olive Extract, Vitamin A, Beeswax, Flower extract, Isobutane and Silica.

V. Stick Foundations For Oily Skin

20. Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

stick foundations

Price: $49
Customer rating: 4.8/5
Positive review: 84%

The Bobbi Brown Foundation stick provides a transparent base. It corrects the uneven pigments on the face to give an incredible natural look on the face. The creamy texture on the face is effortless, which gives a smooth, fresh and even skin. The color shades on the skin tone is versatile by applying shea butter and olive extracts. The minerals in the cream control the oil on the skin to give it a perfect appearance. The Bobbi Brown Foundation on the body reduces the water, sweat and humidity content of the skin. It is perfect for various parts of the face, including nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. Using a beauty sponge one can quickly get a foundation makeup every day. This is the best foundation for oily skin in stick form.

21. W3LL PEOPLE – Narcissist Foundation + Concealer Stick

stick foundations for oily skin

Price: $44
Customer rating: 4.5/5
Positive review: 82%

W3LL people Narcissist Foundation gives a creamy foundation on the face. On applying the cream it instantly melts into skin and provides a healthy glow. The modern stick design is ideal for mess proof application and travel portability. This is a formula that gives a soft stain like skin complexion. Narcissist Foundation melts instantly on applying it. It provides a fresh and healthy glow. The formula is made using sunflower oil, castor seed oil, silica, beeswax, green tea and aloe extract. This foundation cream is made of pure natural ingredients. The final finish offered by the foundation cream is velvety shimmer. It provides an opaque coverage on the skin.

22. L’Oreal Ideal Balance QuickStick Balancing Foundation

quick stick foundation for oily skin

Price: $39.95
Customer rating: 4.4/5
Positive review: 83%

Quickstick Balancing Foundation is a non drying formula that offers fast and smart solution for both oily and dry areas on  the skin. This beauty solution gives a natural coverage on the skin through a precise concealer and powder finish. The foundation on the skin lives for all day and gives a natural soft matte finish. It is easy and fast on giving its best results. On application, it gives a dry texture with creamy feeling. The quickstick Balancing Foundation from Loreal has key ingredients such as Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil, Pentylene Glycol, Titanium Dioxide, and others that deeply nourish the skin.

Wrapping it up

If you have oily skin type, one of these foundations could provide you a complete look, avoid the embarrassment of appearing patches and most important these products have been developed keeping in consideration the sensitivity of oily skins. If you would like to know more, you can read these post: Best makeup for oily skin and advantages/disadvantages of oily face.

All I could say choosing from one of these products could change the way you put make up, the frequency of touch ups and most important would keep that extra grease from appearing on the face spoiling the entire fun of putting on the makeup.

Want to vote for your own best foundation for oily skin ?

If you think this list, best foundations for oily skin, is missing some products, feel free to put a comment below and we will update the list if the products are eligible.


theVenusface Team.


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