9 Things You May Not Know About The Sunscreen You Are Using

Although sunscreens are one of the most popular beauty products, you may not know the very basics of the sunscreens you are using.This article reveals some of the interesting facts that may amaze you.

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1Sunscreen has a long life-span

Many people think that most of cosmetics usually have expiration date within 1-2 years. However, you may be very surprised to know this: Sunscreen may extend its “life time” up to 3 years. However, if you do not remember that when had you purchased such sunscreen products, it is certainly to check expiry date. If their odors or colors change, it’s time to immediately throw them away into the waste bin.

2Do not forget your fingernails

Along with your ears and scalp, fingernails or toenails are usually ignored when applying sunscreen. Remember that skin are easily damaged by the skin cancer. Therefore, apply let the sunscreen cover all your skin.

3The SPF is inaccurate

In the beginning of this year, according to information from Consumer Reports, half of the test sample of sunscreen shows that the SPF stated on the product packaging is inaccurate.

4The ideal SPF is 30

You should choose sunscreens with the SPF around 30. According to dermatologists, there is little difference among SPF 30, 50 and 100. In fact, SPF 30 protects your skin from 97% of UV rays from the light sunshine. So using of sunscreens with a higher SPF such as 50, 75 or 100 is not more effective.

5Words as “waterproof” and “sweatproof” are illegal

FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America) has declared the new regulations in a sunscreen product line: words like “waterproof” and “sweat-proof” must be forbidden. Therefore, you must check carefully your sunscreen before shopping.

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6You may “sunscreen” for your hair

Having a sunburnt hair and heavily damaged makes your appearance unattractive. Not included dyed hair, sclerosis,…it looks worse. Therefore, use the sunscreen for hair to protect hair better, and never forget to wear your hat when you are in the streets.

7Physical and chemical sunscreens are the same

Both sunscreens have various advantages and disadvantages. Physical sunscreens contain mineral ingredients such as zinc, it helps reflecting the impacts from UV radiation and reduce the amount of UV rays affecting your skin exposed to the sunlight.

Meanwhile, chemical sunscreen tends to protect your skin with chemical mechanism by absorbing UV ray energy before affecting your skin. It prevents UV rays penetrating into your skin and form a firm protective membrane layer to your skin free from the harmful sunlight. Both types of sunscreen are certain effective, the aesthetic experts, however, recommend that you use both to get the best efficiency.

8SPF does not always protect you from the harmful effects of the sun

SPF indicates the period that your skin is protected in maximum under the effect of UVB rays to red irritated status. So,  SPF does not give us protection against the effects of UVA radiation (UVB component accounting for 5%, UVA accounting for 95%). Since UVB and UVA have their negative impacts upon the health of skin, especially UVA radiation accounts for 95% of UV rays and it is a major cause of skin aging, so you need to pay attention to protect the skin before 2 UVB and UVA rays.

9European products should be purchased

The dermatologists recommend choosing sunscreens that are made in Europe because their protection against UVA rays is better and also your skin is protected effectively.



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