7 Tips Help You To Be Gorgeous With Little Makeup In Extremely Hot Days

Learning how to use some core cosmetics skillfully as well as mastering a few simple and effective skills, you will possess a radiant and fresh and beautiful face without elaborate makeup.

To have a very sparkling and radiant face, a number of girls often believe that they have to make herself up precisely in all steps from A to Z. However, the truth is that you can make yourself become fresher and more beautiful without resorting to dozens of cosmetics.

To do this, you just need to learn how to use simple cosmetics skillfully as well as master a few simple and effective makeup skills.

These following tips from makeup artists will help you to be fresh and beautiful beyond your expectation with little makeup and simultaneously save considerably your preparation time every day.

7You want: A naturally smooth and uneven skin

The tip for this is to apply foundation with a makeup sponge. Instead of applying a thick layer of foundation, you put a small amount of foundation into the center of the face and then use a makeup sponge (which is moistened) to apply steadily for the thin layer, then repeat until reaching the cover as you want.

A “moistened sponge” can absorb in the residue of foundation and simultaneously help foundation to “melt” into the skin, accordingly it brings you a naturally spotless layer.

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6You want: Hide acnes, bruises

Conceal them in the form of “one by one”: Use a small brush dots to dot foundation onto each spot of acne/ bruise, then use your fingertip to dot lightly concealer on the skin. In this way, you “apply” less and cover more effectively the flaws on the skin.

5You want: your uneven skin tone to disappear

In case the color of your face skin is quite even except for some areas of your skin, for example the areas of the skin around the nose, mouth, and chin are darker than the rest areas of the skin, you just need to use concealer for each area, but necessarily apply foundation for the whole face.

You should mix concealer with a bit of moisturizer so that the concealer  becomes thinner, and more dilute, then apply it on your areas of uneven skin.

4You want to: make up smokey eyes

To get the sexy and sharp smokey eyes, you do not need to resort to an eye palette, just a dark colored pencil eyeliner is enough. What you shall do is drawing nearly eyelid liner,then use your fingertip or applicator to apply evenly and repeat until reaching the dark intensity you want. It is simple, and quick, isn’t it?

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3You want: bold eyebrows

Acting with lead/powder is pretty complex, so it can be replaced with eyebrow gel, specially when your eyebrows have the natural mold. Eyebrow gel will help your eyebrows to look thicker, bolder in a natural way.

2You want: your lashes to be thick, and long

To get thick and long lashes, you don’t need to have to attach false lashes, you should just two types of mascara: one for length, one for thickness. You shall use the former prior to the latter. To get natural lashes, you should use comb to separate lashes among the time of using mascara.

1You want to: apply lipstick in an outstanding way

To have spotless prominent lips, normally we will have to use brushes, lip liners. To simplify all things, you should choose a pencil- shaped lipstick. A pencil- shaped lipstick is not only as soft, smooth as other lipsticks but also easy to apply for the perfect and exact lip liners.


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