Do You Over-prize Healthy Hair ?

Reminding people that you have naturally good-looking hair even without the use of hair products and regular trips to beauty salons can probably be very annoying for the people around you. But, the fact is that I love my natural healthy hair. My hair is shiny, healthy and soft and whenever some stylist is around me they don’t hesitate to make a compliment. “Is this virgin hair?” is one of the most common questions that I hear from these stylists.

Not long ago, I’ve met Harry Josh, a professional who works for Gisele and Gwyneth and one of the best blowdryers in the world. Naturally, we greeted each other and I started climbing into the chair. Before I’ve positioned myself I’ve heard his suggestion that shocked me. He just said “Why don’t you color your hair and emphasize its texture”. I was proud of my healthy natural hair and the beautiful color, but Josh was right. The treatment that I get doesn’t last long and my curls are becoming lifeless very fast. According to Josh, people attach too much importance to healthy hair. It doesn’t really matter whether your hair is chemically-treated, because you can get both the shiny appearance as well as bedhead texture. As a matter of fact, you can get an appearance that will make you look more attractive. Josh claims that the secret can be found in the right balance. Every hairstylist is looking for a way to change virgin hair and create different texture, dry in a different way, increase its volume and make the hair look more powerful.

Harry Josh believes that there is a balance point for everyone. And the task is to figure it out.

So, what exactly can we do? Josh says that there are two solutions:

The first one is the use of dye. You should tell your hairstylist that your main objective is to get the same shade while crafting different textures and bodies. In other words, they should focus on changing your color only for half a level because even such a small change can make your hair look more vivid. Of course, you can always choose to perform a complete head of thin highlights all over the hair. According to Josh, this procedure should be called detailing. Once you are done, you should place a rinse on top of the highlights in order to make them look more natural. The final result will be very interesting – the base will remain the same, but you will get some amazing effects when your hair is exposed to different lights.

The second option is to use a perm. Simply, ask your stylist to use the largest roller rod they got in order to get a soft, durable wave. “Tell them that you don’t mind if the waves fall down eventually or if they are very curly, the main point is to fry it just a little bit with a certain texture,” Josh says.

Many women and some hairstylists find frying to be a controversial topic because it reminds them of damaging. So, is it wise to “damage” your hair? Josh has a simple answer to this dilemma. When you fry your hair you are not actually causing damage. We are basically expanding the hair strand’s cortex. The stylist is inserting color and pierces the shaft in order to expand the thickness of the hair. The word that we should use instead of damage is processing because permed hair or colored hair is not damaged hair.

So, healthy hair is obviously a blessing, but the fact is that if you want to get the perfect hair, you will need to “process” it.

Nala Hale
Nala Hale
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