Defending Your Skin: Safeguarding Against the Harsh Impact of Hot Climates

The condition of one’s skin is important to those who care about their appearance. This is especially true for facial skin, which is exposed to the harshest sun rays. In this article, we will discuss the rules you must follow to protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation, as well as the cosmetic products you can use to do so.

Rule 1: Avoid the sun during peak hours

It should be kept in mind that the UAE is a sunny country; therefore, when hiring or renting cars, one should wear a pair of sunglasses at all times. They are divided into UVA and UVB which are dangerous with different degrees of activity in summer or winter, in the evening or midday.

The dermatologist’s advice is to steer away direct sunshine from 11 am-5 pm. This time is usually hotter. Sunscreen is therefore recommended even while driving on morning/evening
excursions to ensure total protection. It is necessary to apply sunscreen before stepping out.

Dubai has a tropical arid climate and the strength of sunlight is felt more here than anywhere else. Before going on vacation it is essential to provide additional protection for your skin, even if your trip includes local beach visits, attractions, or supercar rental. Going for car hire could make your trip more enjoyable and keep you away from direct sunlight through sunroofs and windows. Nevertheless, one should still observe safety measures during a journey outside the vehicle.

In addition to this, recent studies show that sunscreens are not involved in the production of vitamin D which is essential for health and is produced using solar power. While the ill effects are not immediately noticeable, they may surface after years or even decades of sun exposure.

These exposures are remembered by the skin all through one’s lifetime.

Finally, if you are riding camels, if you are driving a buggy across the desert, or if you have
decided to rent a luxury car in the UAE – skin protection from possible damage by sunlight must be taken into account.

Rule 2: Keep children under the age of 3 out of direct sunlight

Children’s skin is especially delicate, and melanin is not produced at all at first, and then (up to 3 years) unevenly, resulting in increased photosensitivity. How can we ensure the safety of children? Here are some tips:

  • On a sunny day, dress your child in a natural-fiber T-shirt and cover his head with a Panama hat;
  • After swimming in the sea or pool, always dry your baby with a towel and apply
    sunscreen, preferably in the shade;
  • Choose a sunscreen that is water and sand-resistant, made specifically for children, and,
    if possible, visible during application (so that no areas of the skin are missed).

Rule 3: wear clothing that covers your arms and shoulders

For going to the beach, long-sleeved linen shirts are ideal. Don’t overlook hats and panamas. Sunglasses with an ultraviolet filter are an essential accessory. By the way, no clothing, or rather, no fabric, blocks UV rays. Products made with a special technology that protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation are now available for purchase.

By the way, here are a few facts that not everyone is aware of:

  • Black clothing provides better sun protection than white clothing;
  • A damp cloth protects the skin from UV rays less effectively;
  • The less sunlight a fabric transmits, the denser it is (the shorter the distance between the fibers).

Rule 4: use a lot of sunscreen

To effectively protect yourself from the sun, it is critical to not only select the right sunscreen but also to apply it correctly. The math is as follows: 2 mg per square centimeter of skin. At least a teaspoon of product is required for the face. Remember the neck and ears as well.

Japanese researchers recommend using the cream in two stages. Wait until the first layer has dried before applying the product again in a second layer.


The most important aspect of maintaining your health and appearance is to protect your skin, especially your facial skin. You can prevent premature aging by using products that protect your skin from direct sunlight. The next time you plan a trip, make sure to thoroughly prepare, especially in terms of skin protection.

theVenusface Team
theVenusface Team
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