70 Butterfly Locs With Color Photos 2024 for Haircut Inspiration

There are so many fun and unique ways to style your hair, whether it’s a bob, weave, or natural. If you’re looking for a change, why not try out some butterfly locs? This style is perfect for black women who want to show off their natural hair texture. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your hair protected from the elements. Check out these 70 amazing examples of butterfly locs with color for some serious hair inspiration!

Butterfly Locs With Color Photos Compilation thevenusface

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70 butterfly locs with color photos compilation 2023

1. White-on-black butterfly locs, shoulder length

White-on-black style offers an eye-catching style unlike any other. These unique locs showcase a bold contrast of the deep black color along with dollops of white that cascade elegantly downwards, creating a hypnotic visual effect. As they move and sway with a person’s body, their mesmerizing beauty is further highlighted, lending an air of mystique and poise to their wearer. Those who opt for white-on-black locs make a powerful statement – one that resonates with strength, courage, and unapologetic confidence.

shoulder length black on white butterfly locs with color thevenusface

2. Black and yellow butterfly locs, shoulder length

Black and yellow styles are a mesmerizing sight, with their striking color combination creating visual interest wherever they go. Their bold hues call attention in a way that’s both beautiful and graceful, captivating all who witness the shimmering array of locks framing the wearer’s face. Whether short or long, these locs boast an eye-catching positive energy that’s truly inspiring – it radiates from the head of whoever is fortunate enough to sport them, leaving lasting impressions upon onlookers as they revel in their gorgeousness. The beauty of the black and yellow hairstyle is undeniable; it provides an enchanting adornment to any look.

black yellow butterfly locs with color thevenusface

3. Black and blue butterfly locs, shoulder length

Black and blue styles are magnificent hairstyle combinations. People who choose this style have an appreciation for the amazing differences that can be achieved when these understated colors come together. The singular pattern created by these two tones intricately weaves through one another, creating an almost majestic-looking hairdo that commands attention. This eye-catching look is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement without being over-the-top or overwhelming; it simply exudes timeless elegance. Whether it’s worn up or down, black and blue locs allow its wearer to express their personality and dynamism with ease.

blue and black butterfly locs with color thevenusface

4. Turquoise-on-blue butterfly locs, medium length

Turquoise-on-blue style are a sight to behold! The mixture of light blue and vibrant turquoise creates a hue that almost seems to shimmer in the light. They move gracefully with each subtle movement as if they’re alive and dancing with joy. As you look even closer, oh what wonders there are – an array of tiny blue Crystals sprinkled throughout create an additional layer of sparkle that brings these exquisite locs to life. When worn, turquoise-on-blue locs truly become a work of art – an artistic masterpiece that sets the wearer apart from everyone else. They’re guaranteed to draw attention from all who witness them, leaving no one indifferent to their beauty!

blue turquoise butterfly locs with color thevenusface

5. Bright-blonde-on-black butterfly locs, neck length

Butterfly locs are a sight to behold. Smooth and vibrant, they look like a sea of bright blonde waves crashing against an ebony background. The contrast between the lively golden blonde hues, and the sultry classic black is nothing less than entrancing. Each loop is a masterpiece with curves that mimic sculpture and movements that look like dance. Knowing that these hairstyles take an immense amount of commitment surely adds to the beauty. Participants in this statement-making hairdo have certainly been blessed with unique visual charm.

bright blonde black butterfly locs with color thevenusface

6. Bright blue butterfly locs, knee length

Bright blue color is captivating! They can create an exquisite look that is sure to turn heads. These unique locs shine beautifully in any light and are a fantastic way to express your individuality. Not only do they look amazing, but the bright color will help you stand out from the crowd. With a vibrancy that catches the eye, blue locs make a bold statement! It’s easy to fall in love with this type of hair and its dazzling display of beauty. Whether you’re looking for rocker chic or a sophisticated style, the bright blue color gives your look just the right amount of attitude to be remembered.

bright blue butterfly locs with color thevenusface

7. Bright brown butterfly locs, mid-back length

Bright brown color provides a look of natural beauty. The combination of deep brown tones and light highlights creates an eye-catching blend that radiates with each turn of the head. When the light catches the different hues in the strands, a gorgeous pattern forms in stark contrast to traditional single-tone hairstyles. Those sporting bright brown hairstyles display a unique combination of style and elegance that allows them to stand out among others. The beauty of this hairstyle captures attention with its intricate details, drawing admirers into its multi-drawn canvas.

bright brown butterfly locs with color thevenusface

8. Bright gold butterfly locs, armpit length

The bright gold color is an absolutely beautiful way to showcase natural hair. Whoever invented them is a genius! Every time I see someone with these bold pieces, I’m impressed by their confidence and creative style. These locks can be rocked in a formal setting, or a more relaxed occasion – making them the perfect statement piece for many types of looks. Add some subtle highlights, beads, or jewels and you have an amazing display of golden magnificence! There’s no denying that bright gold hairstyles take any hairstyle up several notches and look absolutely stunning on everyone who dares to wear them!

bright gold butterfly locs with color thevenusface

9. Bright red butterfly locs, waist length

Bright red color brings joy to the gaze of many. The glossy deep red reminder of creative beauty that expresses as a part of one’s identity, is a pleasure to look upon. Whether worn long or short, styled in different shapes or designs, the intensity of this majestic hue speaks for itself. Its artistic quality allows for endless possibilities and styles to be implemented, allowing people to express themselves in a unique way. Every time we see bright red locs, our spirit is reminded not only of beauty but also the boldness and strength that come with it.

bright crimson butterfly locs with color thevenusface

10. Brown butterfly locs, shoulder length

Brown color is the embodiment of Foxy Brown meets Mother Nature. Rich and full, these luscious locks draw you in like a gentle wind that blows through the tall grasses of your favorite meadow. Brown locs look stunning paired with an earthy-hued wardrobe to give off the essence of an untamed goddess wherever she walks. Their natural hue and voluminous look bring out one’s inner freedom and self-expression, letting you dance your way back to nature and into your own power.

brown butterfly locs with color thevenusface

11. Brown butterfly locs with bun, hip length

Wearing brown butterfly locs with a bun is a beautiful way to embrace your natural texture and express yourself in a unique style. The flexible yet manageable knot of locks perfectly cascades down around the neck, glowing with hues of bronzed caramel and mahogany red. Every shake and sashay results in a mesmerizing scene, each part of the hairstyle as captivating as the next. Not only does it look amazing, but these locs also bring out inner confidence and a sense of pride – you’ll radiate with energy no matter where you go. With brown color, you’re guaranteed to turn heads every step of your journey.

bun hip length brown butterfly locs with color thevenusface

12. Burgundy butterfly locs, hip length

Burgundy locs color are a stunning work of art. They captivate the soul and awaken your inner creative spirit. The interwoven hues of red, brown, and caramel flow together in delicious harmony, setting your heart aflutter with inspiration. Whether long or short, these lovelocks capture the eyes of those around you with their intricate design. Each strand stands out courteously like a bold pointillism painting ready to be admired. Burgundy color serves as an expression of your individuality and an appreciation for beauty itself.

burgundy butterfly locs with color thevenusface


13. Bright-blue-on-dark-blue butterfly locs, armpit length

Bright-blue-on-dark blue colors are like gazing into a beautifully painted sky. They make you feel just as majestic and free as the butterflies they represent. The soft, bright blue transitioning flawlessly into the dark blue locks creates a buoyant color combination, reminiscent of glistening starlight in midnight darkness. Butterfly locs are the perfect way to add an air of ethereal beauty to any day and have been embraced by so many for their bold style statement and creative flair.

dark blue bright butterfly locs with color thevenusface

14. Dark & bright red butterfly locs, armpit length

Dark and bright red colors create a beautiful contrast of deep burgundy and flamboyant coral. When worn together, the shades blend to look like a burning flame full of passion. Whether shining in the sunlight or set against the night sky, this striking duo would make any onlooker swoon with admiration. Wherever you may go wearing these grand butterflies, their vibrant hues are sure to take your breath away while turning heads.

dark bright red butterfly locs with color thevenusface

15. Dark crimson butterfly locs, shoulder length

Dark crimson color is a breathtaking look that takes the classic beauty of dreadlocks to the next level. The deep and rich color adds a touch of drama to every hairstyle, while the delicate pattern resembles graceful wings as they peek out from beneath an updo or fall beautifully around the face. Not only do they demand attention with their color, but they also give a unique flair and edge to any outfit, making them an intelligent choice for anyone looking to make a statement with their style. With dark crimson hairstyles, you’ll have everyone captivated by your singular beauty!

dark crimson butterfly locs with color thevenusface

16. Orange-on-black butterfly locs, shoulder length

Glistening as if dancing in the sun, the orange-on-black color oozes a unique beauty and charisma. The striking contrast between the black locs and vibrant orange brings a new level of energy to your look. With their ability to attract attention, the style brings out your inner creativity. As they hold tight around your face and down your back, you will feel empowered with the combination of class, elegance, strength, and radiance generated by this magnificent hairstyle. Orange-on-black locs are truly an awe-inspiring method for perfecting your look!

dark orange black butterfly locs with color thevenusface

17. Dark orange and brown butterfly locs, mid-back length

Dark orange and brown colors are vibrant and captivating, like a beautiful autumn sunset. They burst with life and energy, sure to draw admiration everywhere they go. Whether worn in a neatly twisted updo or left loose and wild to dance with the wind, this gorgeous color combination will have onlookers enchanted. It has a warmth and depth that few other colors can match; the deep golden hue of the dark orange combines perfectly with the rich chocolate tones of the brown. Whoever wears these locs can find joy in knowing their beauty is a standout feature amongst the crowd.

dark orange brown butterfly locs with color thevenusface

18. Dark orange butterfly locs, shoulder length

Dark orange colors create unique hues of stunning copper, like the warm sunset of a summer evening reflecting off of rolling desert sands. Rich mahogany locks swirl and wind around each other and take on the majestic beauty of a large butterfly with wings outstretched, spreading serenity throughout whatever setting they are set in. Crowning the wearer’s head, they bring to view an unexpected flash of energy that captivates every eye. Dark orange color can offer a look of amazing strength and dazzling beauty all at once—the perfect look for any occasion!

dark orange butterfly locs with color thevenusface

19. Dark purple butterfly locs, mid-back length

Dark purple colors are an exquisite sight; an absolute wonder to behold. The gorgeous locks that flow from your scalp exude a mysterious aura of beauty and intrigue. Like the wings of a magnificent butterfly, each strand comprises a two-toned pattern that catches the light as you move, ever-shifting in its brilliance. The dark purple hue brings boldness to the hairstyle, making it a truly remarkable look. With locs this striking, it’s no surprise that many seek them out for a timeless look that turns heads with ease. Whether you choose to keep it simple or adorn it with accessories such as beads and gems, you can be sure that your appearance will captivate anyone lucky enough to witness it.

dark purple butterfly locs with color thevenusface

20. Dark red butterfly locs, mid-back length

The beauty of the dark red color is enchanting, they stand out in a sea of black hair like dancing candy-apple ribbons. When the sun hits them just right they glow like a firey sunset, with hints of copper and scarlet singing through their locks. Whether simply hanging down or crisscrossed into an intricate pattern, dark red locs are always captivating and beautiful. With these dynamic hairdos, your head will become radiant artwork that can be interpreted in endless ways, allowing for complete freedom of expression and style!

dark red butterfly locs with color thevenusface

21. Gold butterfly locs, shoulder length

The gold color is a hair art form like no other. Each individual loc is lovingly wrapped in a golden hue, creating a look of opulent beauty and exquisite style. The colors reflect light so delicately that when the sun hits, it looks like thousands of brilliant stars dancing across your strands. This unique hairstyle brings out your natural features and draws attention to your features with its boldness. With every move you make, each lock gracefully glides in the air creating a mesmerizing effect that is sure to turn heads. Gold color provides a stunning way to express yourself through fashion while radiating luxury and beauty at its finest.gold butterfly locs with color thevenusface

22. Dark teal butterfly locs, hip length

The dark teal color is a gorgeous, edgy hairstyle option that makes heads turn. The perfect mix of soft and bold, these locs combine the versatility of regular locs with the vibrancy and personality of a unique blue-green hue. The dark teal brings to life any existing hair color for an eye-catching look, whether your locks are already voluminous or laid back. Pair them with some colorful jewelry for a bold statement or let the locs speak for themselves – however, you choose to wear them, you can be sure this style will always inspire confidence and show off your creativity!

hip length dark teal butterfly locs with color thevenusface

23. Yellow and brown butterfly locs, hip length

Yellow and brown colors provide a unique look that embodies both vibrancy and naturality. The yellow hue illuminates like the sun, draping over curls like radiance from a fire — it’s truly enchanting. The contrast of the brown mixed within gives it an earthy feel; strongly grounded in deep folkloric roots, which provides a sense of wisdom and beauty. Not only that, but these locs provide versatility with their style, allowing them to be shaped in any number of ways. This can accentuate one’s features and expand upon the individual’s personal flair — truly embracing those who choose to decorate their locks with the colors of yellow and brown butterflies.

hip length yellow brown butterfly locs with color

24. Blonde butterfly locs, knee length

Blonde color is a beautiful hairstyle that lends elegance to whoever wears them. They have a unique combination of the boldness of locks and the flow of loose hair that creates a perfect storm of style. The neat coils catch the light in all sorts of ways, and when someone with this style turns their head suddenly, it’s like seeing golden sparks dance across their scalp. Blonde locs are more than just a hairstyle – they are a wearable work of art, each strand coming together to create something stunning every time.

knee length blonde butterfly locs with color thevenusface

25. Red and black butterfly locs, waist length

Red and black colors are like a work of art cascading down your back. Red and black symbolize both energy and calm, illustrating a complex yet beautiful harmony that can be seen with just one look. The red and black color combination creates the perfect contrast, making them stand out from other styles of locs. Each individual lock takes on its own unique shape as it falls, creating a natural body suit of beads that gently move gracefully with each simple turn of the head. Red and black locs have an aura of sophistication and style – they are truly breathtakingly beautiful!

long black red butterfly locs with color thevenusface

26. Brown butterfly locs, waist length

Brown colors are an ethereal look, perfect for accessorizing your beauty. With endless style potential, you can craft a unique identity showcasing the natural golden and caramel tones of your brown locks. Whether a tight and intricate look or a loose and easy wave is your preference, these locs are like liquid gold cascading down your back. Add in some beads and jewels to light up any room or beach day; the possibilities of expressing yourself through these stunning locks truly know no limits! So if you’re looking for that special hairstyle to crown your head, look no further than brown locs – a majestic beauty statement that never fails to amaze.

long brown butterfly locs with color thevenusface

27. Dark burgundy butterfly locs, hip length

For those who appreciate unusual beauty, dark burgundy locs are a stunning hairstyle. From afar they resemble thick mohawk-style braids crafted from glossy threads of pure magic. Upon closer inspection, the delicate curl at the end of each strand reveals itself like a delightful whisper in an enchanted forest, swaying with its own special grace. This look is not just captivating to onlookers, but also offers an effortless solution for those beautiful butterflies looking for something more permanent than box braids or faux locs. With these captivating dark burgundy locks framing your face, you will feel empowered and fully alive!

long dark burgundy butterfly locs with color thevenusface

28. Gold butterfly locs, waist length

Gold hairstyle shine like the sun and sparkles with ethereal beauty. Similar to a monarch butterfly in flight, these locs flutter and move to the beat of life, full of vibrance and joy. They are a sight to behold, shimmering with a beauty that captivates onlookers and elicits gasps of delight. Nothing compliments natural hair as gold color; they add an extra layer of glamour, confidence, and poise that is palpable wherever you go.

long gold butterfly locs with color thevenusface

29. Orange butterfly locs, armpit length

When one sees orange butterfly locs, one can’t help but admire the way these vibrant locks dance in the wind with a life of their own. It’s like watching a flock of beautiful orange butterflies exploring the sky as if on a mission to find something special in each moment. These locs bring an element of playfulness and wonder to any look; a reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed with imaginative expression. Whether it’s being a part of someone’s daily beauty routine or for special occasions, these bright locs always bring out the shimmering shades and radiant beauty that is symbolic of life itself!

long orange butterfly locs with color thevenusface

30. Purple butterfly locs, mid-back length

Purple color style is a style with wings of grace, elegance, and beauty. Imagine a garden of well-maintained lavender roses nestled among lush foliage glistening in the sun, each perfectly manicured petal dancing on a summer breeze. This beauty can be yours when you create a purple hairstyle! With this look, you have the freedom to enjoy the freedom that comes with individuality and creative expression. Every swirl, curl and loop of hair peers from its natural state, fashioning an intricate landscape sure to draw admiration wherever it goes. From their magenta depth to the spunky undertones of violet hues, these elegant locs are definitely a showstopper!

long purple butterfly locs with color thevenusface

31. Red butterfly locs, mid-back length

Picture a beautiful landscape – the sun is barely peeking through the clouds, grass hills move with the breeze, and in their midst, a figure stands shining. They have crowned their head with red hairstyle that looks like moth-kissed blooms of passion and creativity – they cascade around their entire face, framing it with boldness, beauty, and warmth. It radiates energy as if it were summoning the spirit of moonlight itself! These beautiful locs are truly captivating and always leave an everlasting impression on those lucky enough to witness them.

long red butterfly locs with color thevenusface

32. Blue-on-dark-blue butterfly locs, hip length

Blue-on-dark-blue colors are an enchanting treat for the eyes! Watching them sway as they ripple in the wind is like witnessing a dreamy ocean of deep blue hues, and their captivating complexity mesmerizes even the most curmudgeon of individuals. Sporting these stunning locks introduces drama, charm, and elegance to any look, commanding attention wherever the wearer goes. Unique and mysterious yet ultimately beautiful in its own right, a cascade of blue-on-dark-blue color will truly take your style game to the next level.

long soft blue butterfly locs with color thevenusface

33. White-and-magenta-on-black butterfly locs, armpit length

White-and-magenta-on-black hairstyle harness the beauty of two brilliant colors. Like gracefully fluttering wings, the white and magenta accents swoon in leisured motion atop a sea of midnight ebony. The eye is irresistibly drawn to their delightful yin and yang of hues, urging one to embrace their transformative allure. Meticulous precision weaves an earthy sophistication with a regal radiance that truly radiates from within. Lush and radiant, these locks evoke a strangely magnetic power of timeless beauty that beckons each admirer to explore its depths.

magenta white butterfly locs with color thevenusface

34. White and blue butterfly locs, shoulder length

White and blue colors add breathtaking beauty to any person’s style. The combination of these two hues creates a stunning contrast that uplifts any look with an ethereal, dream-like essence. These styles are gentle and airy, causing the eye to wander in pleasant admiration. With every sway of the head, white-blue streaks line up in unison to form a divine art that captivates its observer. Whether for everyday wear or for a special occasion, white-blue locs will always make one feel beautiful as it adds an unexpected elegance that turns heads everywhere!

medium length white blue butterfly locs with color

35. Green and black butterfly locs, mid-back length

Green-and-black colors provide a vibrant burst of energy and style with every glance. These daisy-like locks are a beautiful, intricate way to showcase your individuality while honoring the African roots of dreadlocks. Natural black locks are delicately traced with strands of deep green to create lively ornamentation that captures notice instantly. Wearers of these stunning loc radiate with pride, embodying the naturalistic beauty that is empowering and breathtaking. Every movement elicits a cascade of color carried through the structures of beautifully crafted and maintained coils – a sight to behold without compare!

mid back length green black butterfly locs with color thevenusface

36. Bright white butterfly locs, neck length

Bright white color glow with a hue that is rare to find in nature. There’s something almost ethereal about them as if they were spun from moonlight and starlight instead of hair strands. Every time the light catches their glimmering locks, it’s like you can feel a certain energy radiating from them – an energy both calming and captivating. These gorgeous locs are truly unique and mesmerizing, and wearing them can be an empowering way for someone to express their beauty and grace.

neck length bright white butterfly locs with color thevenusface

37. Silver butterfly locs, neck length

Silver locs color is a beautiful and unique way to style your hair. They twinkle like the stars in the night sky, but with a soft silver hue that brings peace to your soul. The splashes of light that hit these locs create a mesmerizing glow that is hard to resist. The locs themselves add a level of dimension and texture, while still having movement and flow. Overall, silver hair color are stand-out pieces of art that make you feel powerful, confident, and ready to face any challenge.

neck length silver butterfly locs with color thevenusface

38. Silver butterfly locs, shoulder length

Silver hair color is an enchanting hairstyle. Their beauty is captivating and irresistible; they look like faceted gems twinkling against the sun. Looking at them, you can almost imagine a fairy godmother blessing a human with the magic of the cosmos, transforming their tresses into glimmering silver locks. The way the light plays off the locs creates an alluring interplay between silver strands, curves, and texture that make for an elegant, eye-catching aesthetic. Silver hairstyles are truly bewitching.

neck length white silver butterfly locs with color

39. Orange butterfly locs, mid-back length

The beauty of orange hair color is simply dazzling. The bright hue is captivating, instantly drawing the eye in with its warm and comforting color. Intricate twists and turns create a unique take on an exquisite hairstyle that could rival any sunset for brightness. Both vibrant and stylishly bold, wearing orange locs can make anyone feel like a bold butterfly in a vibrant flight ready to take on the world.

orange butterfly locs with color thevenusface

40. Multi-color butterfly locs, shoulder length

Multi-color hairstyle is a stunning sight to behold, a rainbow of beauty that can bring life and color to any hairstyle. Not only do these vibrant colors mix so perfectly together, but they also have an energetic presence of their own. Wearing multi-colored locs is an exciting way to express yourself through your hairstyle while simultaneously giving a fun cultural touch to your look. For those seeking out the perfect thing that can make you stand out from the crowd, multi-color hairstyles will do just that without fail.

pink blue black butterfly locs with color thevenusface

41. Pink-and-blue-on-black butterfly locs, shoulder length

Pink-and-blue-on-black hair color is truly a thing of beauty. The combination of colors that sets them apart from other hairstyles makes them uniquely attractive. Rich pallid blues, vibrant rose pinks, and dark majestic blacks twine together to create the perfect symmetrical swirls that look like they have been sculpted out of soft velvet. Every time you glance at these beautiful locs, you can’t help but be mesmerized by their artful enchantment. It’s no surprise that this type of loc has become so popular among people who value expression over conformity.

pink blue black butterfly locs with color thevenusface

42. Pink and dark purple butterfly locs, mid-back length

These striking hair colors have an air of whimsical beauty around them. The fusion of pink and dark purple strands creates a distinctive color palette that is eye-catching and unique. Every time the light catches the colors, you are reminded of those memorable summer evenings filled with bright fireflies dancing around in the twilight sky. Pairing your bold and beautiful style with these locs will bring out your inner mermaid – ready to rule their kingdom with their locks as a crown! This not only boosts your confidence but also establishes you as a trendsetter in this ever-changing landscape of hair fashion.

pink dark purple butterfly locs with color thevenusface

43. Purple-and-blue-on-black butterfly locs, armpit length

Purple-and-blue-on-black colors provide a sublime landscape to any look. The hues, blending together in striking and subtle patterns create a captivating style statement that exudes a subtle mysteriousness while simultaneously conveying confidence and strength. These ethereal locks will surely become an expression of the empowered individual who cherishes the distinguished beauty these locs bring. Experience the enigmatic charm of purple-and-blue-on-black locs and embrace a unique aura today.

purple blue black butterfly locs with color thevenusface

44. Light-purple-dark-purple butterfly locs, neck length

When talking about the beauty of light and dark purple hair color, there is indescribable art to the way it incorporates both hues in its design. When the hair is laid together, it creates a beautiful contrast between purples as if it were a recognizable painting. The subtle waves that form amongst the locs give off a mesmerizing feel about them, allowing for one to almost fall in awe. Not only do they look amazing against their natural skin complexion, but they also give off an air of confidence and strength that can’t be measured. They pay tribute to not only their culture but also their confidence and bravery to express themselves through hair.

purple butterfly locs with color thevenusface

45. Red and crimson butterfly locs, shoulder length

Crimson and red hair colors are beguilingly beautiful. It is no surprise that they have gained popularity due to the vividness of their hue. Red often symbolizes passion and vitality, a message easily communicated with a sensational set of locs. The size and shape add an additional level of regality, like a crown fit for any monarch. When the sun hits a fresh set of crimson and red hairstyles, the reflection illuminates the face like a brilliant flame; creating an overall look full of dignity and strength. Crimson and red colors capture your gaze in all the best ways; it’s hard not to be enamored by them.

red crimson butterfly locs with color thevenusface

46. Bright blonde butterfly locs, neck length

Bright blonde color is a beautiful hairstyle that truly embodies the beauty of wildflowers. Radiantly sunny and stunning with natural texture, they captivate onlookers as it flows gently like twirling strands of spun-gold set against deep cocoa hues. Each individual piece is lovingly crafted to be its own perfectly fashioned foliage. With notes of brightness, shine, and vibrancy, these impactful locs let nature take center stage – embracing melanin magic in full bloom!

short bright blonde butterfly locs with color thevenusface

47. Bright pink butterfly locs, ear length

Bright pink hair color is a unique fashion statement that will draw the eye with its brilliant, saturated hues. An ode to nature, these impressive hairstyles bring elements of the natural world into everyday life. Whether it’s a full head of vibrant pink coils or an intricately designed braid down the crown of your head, these dramatic looks offer endless possibilities for standout hairstyles. Not just a style choice but an art form in its own right, these gorgeous locs add a touch of whimsy and beauty to any ensemble. Whether you choose long locs that cascade down your back or vibrant box braids gathered up atop your head, bright pink locs are sure to be unforgettable.

short bright pink butterfly locs with color thevenusface

48. Orange-on-black butterfly locs, ear length

A gentle blossom of vibrant orange, amidst a sea of jet black. This is the mesmerizing imagery provided by butterfly locs, gorgeous hairstyles that feature a mix of two mesmerizing colors. Every lock shimmers in the light, radiating with beauty and energy, creating an effect that can stop even the hardest heart in its tracks. If you are looking for an updo to turn heads and capture attention spans on any occasion, look no further: this hairstyle exudes magnificence from every angle, an unforgettable hairstyle for any age and gender.

short orange butterfly locs with color thevenusface

49. Pink-on-black butterfly locs, ear length

The beauty of pink-on-black hair color is a truly dreamlike sight. As the locs seem almost to dance with the wind, a spectrum of pinks ranges from blush to magenta, deep amethyst, and passionate lavender. Accentuated by the darkness of an ebony backdrop, it’s no wonder why these iconic locs have been seen gracing some of the most beautiful heads around the world. Their vibrancy is simply captivating, and can turn heads wherever they go!

shoulder length black pink butterfly locswith color

50. Blonde and orange butterfly locs, shoulder length

Blonde and orange hairstyles are a delightful way to add a pop of color to your life. With the perfect combination of vibrance and subtle hues, these locks will hypnotize anyone who sees them. Each strand glitters in the sunshine, like an illuminated path that leads you towards a simply beautiful place. The blending of vibrant shades together creates unique designs that are like works of art, with no two looking the same. Blonde and orange hair colors captivate the eye and bring a sense of joy as they sway in the breeze.

shoulder length blonde orange butterfly locs with color thevenusface

51. Bright pink butterfly locs, shoulder length

Bright pink hair color is like a trail of bursting fairy floss left by an explosion of shimmering stars. Every single lock is a dazzling flash of brilliance, setting the wearer apart with ethereal softness and brilliant fierceness. Each swirl is subtle yet powerful, extenuating the beauty of each individual glow. They seem to hold the whispers of ancient wisdom, stories untold, and moments for revelry. They bring joy and light to any day and lift spirits higher than ever before. Truly, bright pink hairstyles take no compromise when it comes to being comforted by regal grace and liberated flair!

shoulder length bright pink butterfly locs with color

52. Yellow-on-black butterfly locs, shoulder length

Yellow-on-black hair colors bring a hint of fluttering energy to the wearer’s style. From a distance, they glimmer with golden sunshine, dazzling onlookers with the joyful rays that seem to dance off every lock. Up close, the rich midnight hue serves as a platform for each individual strand to shine and stand out in its own elegant way. Together, black and yellow create a captivating visual contrast that is sure to turn heads.

shoulder length bright yellow butterfly locs with color thevenusface

53. Dark gold butterfly locs, shoulder length

Dark gold hair color is an absolute goddess look! The luminous shine of each strand is the perfect balance between cool and warm tones. When they reflect light, it’s like they were created by the gods themselves – I’m sure any onlookers will be mesmerized by their beauty! These sleek locks are full of body and would serve as a great updo for any event. Styling them is made easier due to their high shine and perfect texture. With a hint of copper pigment emanating from a dark gold hue, these luscious locs will have you feeling like a showstopper every time you debut a new style.

shoulder length dark gold butterfly locs with color

54. Dark gold butterfly locs, armpit length

Dark gold hair color is a must-have style this season! With their deep, golden iridescent color they bring an unexpected twist to traditional loc styling. From the thin, interweaving accents of the butterfly pattern to their ever-evolving and unique shape, the dark gold color provides flair with impact and lets you stand out anywhere. Whether big and bold or subtle and chic, these fabulous locks are sure to give your look the upsurge it deserves!

shoulder length gold butterfly locs with color thevenusface

55. Purple butterfly locs, shoulder length

Purple hair color is simply stunning! They serve as an instantly recognizable fashion statement, capturing attention and inspiring awe. From bold purples to dusty lavenders, there is no shortage of beautiful hues that can be used to create this unique look. Not only do they look gorgeous, but purple hairstyles also have the potential to last for several years if properly cared for. Change up your style and show off your originality with these magnificent locs – they’re a must-have accessory for any fashionista!

shoulder length purple butterfly locs with color thevenusface

56. Red butterfly locs, shoulder length

Red hair color is an absolute showstopper! Adding an element of sophistication and interest to any occasion, the red color is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Whether you choose a bright and deep hue that stands out from the crowd or a more demure burnt scarlet tone, these vibrant locks have the power to transform your look. Red locs are perfect for those special moments in life when you want to feel empowered, confident, and stylish all at once. With their unique shape and color, they truly make a statement!

shoulder length red butterfly locs with color thevenusface

57. Yellow-and-orange butterfly locs, shoulder length

If you’re looking to add a burst of vibrant color to your hairstyle then yellow-and-orange colors are the perfect option. This unique look features dreadlocked strands combined with bright pops of color that make the style stand out. If you want a fashion-forward edge, this hairstyle will make an amazing statement. Plus, the combination of warm and cool hues looks stunning on every skin tone, so everyone can get in on boosting their hair game with this eye-catching look!

shoulder length yellow orange butterfly locs with color thevenusface

58. Turquoise-and-blue-on-black butterfly locs, armpit length

Turquoise-and-blue-on-black colors are the latest trend to take over hairstyles. They add a unique and stunning touch to any look, with the vibrant combination of black locks outlining bright turquoise and powder blue. No exaggeration – these locs are ones that make heads turn! With so many style possibilities, this fresh color pattern can be integrated into Mohawks, single-loc styles, and more. Wear them loose or styled into an updo for a winning combo of statement-making beauty and sharp sophistication. If you’ve been looking for an upgrade to your new season ‘dos, the turquoise-and-blue-on-black locs are definitely a must-have!

turquoise blue black butterfly locs with color thevenusface

59. Brown butterfly locs, waist length

The brown color is a beautiful style of dreadlocks that create a gorgeous look. A trend among fashionistas, these lightweight locs drape in waves around the face and fall down the back in soft natural-looking curls, creating an elegant frame for the face that is sure to draw admiration from all around. Made from soft fibers and delicate knots, these dreadlocks look refined yet distinctly fashionable, giving those who wear them a timeless quality that is simply stunning. With the beauty of brown locs, one can elevate their look without any fuss or worry; they are truly divine!

waist length brown butterfly locs with color thevenusface

60. Brown-and-black butterfly locs, waist length

Brown-and-black hair colors are simply stunning! Not only do they add a mythical flair to any ensemble, but their subtle contrast between hues is also a reminder of the beauty that can be found in even the slightest of details. Perfect for the fashionistas out there, butterfly locs will not only make you look amazing but also allow you to channel your newfound confidence with poise and grace. With these beautiful twisted locks, no look is ever too difficult or limited – dare to dream big and let this hairstyle take you places!

waist length black brown butterfly locs with color thevenusface

61. Yellow butterfly locs, waist length

Yellow hair color is the perfect way to brighten up your summer look! The golden tones of these dreadlocks capture all the beauty of a sunny day, while the whimsical details make them a joy to own. Whether worn up or left down, these locs offer a sense of versatility that will work with any outfit. The thin texture keeps things light and airy, rather than overwhelming, but still brings in plenty of attention. For those wanting to experiment with an eye-catching new style that won’t weigh you down, the yellow hair color is absolutely stunning!

waist length yellow butterfly locs with color thevenusface

62. Blonde-and-white butterfly locs, waist length

Blonde-and-white colors make a statement like none other. These luscious locks provide a sweet yet striking look that’ll turn heads wherever you go. A combination of golden blonde and white fibers comes together to form picture-perfect braids that can last up to one year with proper wear and care. They’re the perfect way to add a pop of boldness to any outfit, and they’re sure to be a conversation starter over cocktails or poolside. Whether you’re attending an outdoor barbecue or hitting the high seas, blonde-and-white hairstyles are sure to keep you looking glamorous all season long!

white blonde long butterfly locs with color thevenusface

63. White butterfly locs, neck length

White color has become the latest craze in stylish hair looks. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they offer an effortless and versatile style that looks good no matter what your day has in store! These high-fashion locs are easy to style with each strand being just a bit more voluminous than classic dreadlocks, and elegant butterfly-shaped ends give them a luxurious feel. Whether you’re planning to dress up or dress down, white colors add a touch of sophistication that can take any outfit to the next level. If you’re looking for a chic way to switch up your look, these trendy locks are definitely worth considering.

white butterfly locs with color thevenusface

64. Blonde-and-gold butterfly locs, shoulder length

Blonde-and-gold colors are the epitome of goddess-like beauty. These stunning locs provide an effortless, timeless beauty that exudes confidence and strength. The unexpected combination of blonde and gold creates a unique look that will turn heads anywhere you go. The dimensional effect of movement within these locs is like wearing a piece of art – perfect for rocking a sexy style with staying power! Blonde-and-gold hairstyles are a look that you will enjoy for years to come.

blonde gold butterfly locs with color thevenusface

65. White-yellow-black butterfly locs, armpit length

White-yellow-black colors are an ultra-trendy and unique way to accessorize any outfit. The variations of white, yellow, and black give off a beautiful balance of natural earthy tones that can make any look pop. These locs are the perfect way to make a bold statement whether you’re headed to the beach or out for the night with friends. They exude an air of confidence and sensuality that’s due in part to their attractive weave patterns. Not only are locs fashionable, but they are also incredibly lightweight and comfortable; forget dealing with heavy extensions all day long! Plus, they come pre-twisted so they take just a fraction of the time to install, giving us more precious time to show them off in style.

white yellow black butterfly locs with color thevenusface

66. Yellow and black butterfly locs, hip length

Yellow and black colors are the perfect fusion of art and fashion. Not only do they add a splash of vibrant color to any look, but they also bring whimsical beauty to each strut. Taking their namesake from the majestic butterfly, these amazing locs draw the eye with their unique contrasting black and yellow hues. With these gorgeous locs that have a life of their own, you’ll be sure to make heads turn with an entrancing look of intricate designs and bright colors adorning your hair! Yellow and black hairstyles are an exquisite choice when it comes to making a statement!

yellow black butterfly locs with color thevenusface

67. Yellow-brown-black-white butterfly locs, hip length

Yellow-brown-black-white colors are such a unique and gorgeous style! No other hairstyle could compare to their beautiful range of colors, it looks like something out of an art gallery! These locs create an abundant look that cascades down like a waterfall, every color blending together to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Whenever someone wears these locs, they are sure to end up as the center of attention; they just can’t be ignored. With a mesmerizing blend of colors and thin strands, these locs truly live up to their name and bring life to any event!

yellow brown black white butterfly locs with color thevenusface

68. Yellow and brown butterfly locs, armpit length

When it comes to amazing hairstyles, the yellow-and-brown colors take the cake! Perfectly imitating a butterfly’s colors, their unique blend of tones stands out and compliment any wardrobe. They have an undeniable aura about them that exudes sophistication and class. Even more impressive is how versatile these locs are — you can style them as elegantly or casually as you want, making them perfect for every occasion. No matter who you are, a fashionista or not, these locks will always make an unforgettable statement in your look.

yellow brown butterfly locs with color thevenusface

69. Yellow butterfly locs, shoulder length

Yellow color is a vibrant and unique way of expressing yourself and embracing bold fashion trends. From honey yellow to bright lemonade hues, this hairstyle pops and brings life to any look. Whether you choose to pair these curls with a vivid sundress or a neutral-toned blazer, the options with this eye-catching hairdo are truly endless. Make heads turn and show that you can work it because, in the end, all that matters is how fabulous you feel when wearing yellow hair color!

yellow butterfly locs with color thevenusface

70. Yellow and brown butterfly locs, hip length

Yellow and brown colors are the perfect way to channel that fierce femme energy you’re looking for! The blend of natural colors is a timeless style and creates a look that will never go out of fashion. It doesn’t matter if your locs are long, short, or in between – these hues make it easy to show off your personality and good looks. You’ll feel confident knowing that this hairstyle will make heads turn wherever you go. Embrace the power of yellow and brown hairstyles to stand out from the crowd!

dark yellow brown butterfly locs with color thevenusface

Final thought

And there you have it, 70 beautiful butterfly locs with color hairstyles to serve as inspiration for your own look. Whether you’re looking to switch up your style completely or just want a new take on the traditional braid-out, these styles are sure to please. So get creative and have fun with it! We can’t wait to see what amazing looks you create. Which of these styles will you try first?

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How many packs of freetress hair for butterfly locs?

The number of packs you will need to braid your own butterfly locs depends on the desired length and volume. I recommend 7-8 pairs for medium lengths with natural waves, 9+pairs if wanting tighter curls, or fewer strands that are longer in diameter
To get started all it takes is one pack from each package which contains enough hairs so once completed can last up to two months depending on how often they’re pulled out during styling sessions

How many packs of water wave hair for butterfly locs?

The butterfly loc method requires six to eight packs of water wave hair per person. If you want longer and thicker locks, use Marley braiding before starting the process so that it will be easier for your strands not to break during styling with a curling iron or ropealias hairstyler!

How long does it take to get butterfly locs?

If you want long, full-bodied butterfly locs then it will take about three to six hours for your stylist. However, this varies depending on a number of factors such as how fast they work and what size/length ratio is desired with the finished product.

How long do butterfly locs last?

With proper care and maintenance, you can wear this hairstyle for four to six weeks. Some say that the style may continue looking good even longer than that but it’s not really healthy or safe on your locks so we recommend playing nice in cooperating with nature by leaving them natural instead of going wild with Bantu knots etcetera.

Can you get butterfly locs wet?

Yes, they are able to withstand water. You can swim and shampoo just like normal but make sure not too much soap gets into the bundle or else it might weigh down on your head while drying because of all that extra hair!

Can you dip butterfly locs in hot water?

When you want to dip your butterfly locs, it’s best if they are dry. This will prevent the locs from becoming unraveled and tangled after exposure to heat-generation chemicals in water such as bleach or perms.

How much to charge for butterfly locs?

The cost of your new hairstyle will depend on where you live and how skilled (or un-)a particular hairstylist operating in that area. On average, though – as seen above- it can be anywhere from $100 to $600! The price should be cheaper if your hair salon is located in 3rd world countries.

What type of hair to use for butterfly locs?

The most common way to create this hairstyle is by using synthetic braids or twists. Hair texture can also make a difference in terms of which direction it goes, with straight strands going towards the front while textured ones fall behind more often than not.

How many packs of hair for butterfly locs?

You’ll want at least 6 – 8 full bundles, but the number will vary depending on how wide and long you wish your butterfly locs to be.

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