6 Best Hair Straighteners For Men 2024 Review (w/ Pros & Cons)

The 6 best hair straighteners for men are chosen based on real Amazon customer ratings and reviews. Only the best-sellers are recommended to you.

If you’re male and you want to straighten out your waves or curls, you’ll benefit from discovering the best hair straightener for men. To help you find the right styles, we’ve compiled a comprehensive review of 4 great products. Each one of them will be ideal for male hair of any texture.

The main difference between hair straighteners for men and for women

In case you didn’t know, some flat irons just aren’t awesome choices for the guys – they lack certain features which men or teen boys need in order to achieve sleek styles in no time flat. So, it’s important to find a hair straightener that is compatible with the specific needs of men.

Men typically have hair that’s a bit shorter, so they need to find flat irons for short hair, which makes it easy to straighten hair that is relatively close to the scalp (as well as shorter layers on the sides and back). The designs on our list are very comfortable to hold and they will allow men to straighten shorter hair without any stress, pulling or hard work. Heat levels of all of these units may be adjusted in order to suit, so they are definitely flexible and versatile choices.

Features of hair straightener for men

Hair straightening devices are usually marketed as unisex – however, real-life guys have more success with certain styles. In particular, designs that have slim-line construction are popular, as they offer ultra-thin performance which makes it easier to reach shorter layers or areas near the scalp. In other words, the flat irons aren’t bulky so they are easier to use on male hair. They make it simpler to straighten hard-to-reach areas.

In addition, men love designs that are crafted with titanium plating or ceramic plating, as these modern materials contribute to a smooth and frizz-free finish.

Designs should also have long power cords and adjustable temperature settings. Long power cords give men more space to move around as they straighten their hair and adjustable temperature settings will make it possible for men with different hair types to get great results. The finest hair is fragile and will do well with a lower setting. Very thick or coarse hair will need more heat…

Now, let’s look at 6 stellar styles that offer benefits to men, as well as reasonable price tags…

6 best hair straighteners for men’s short hair 2023 reviews

If you want straightening power that gives you the freedom to create a range of different styles, you’ll find that choosing any flat iron on our list is a smart decision. However, we do have a top pick and it’s the Karmin G3 Pro Professional Ceramic Flat Iron. It’s the best overall hair straightener for men which has all of the performance features that most guys need and want.

Le Angelique Hummingbird 1/4 Inch Hair Straightener


easy to style short hair and edge thanks to the thin plate design.


not suitable for long hair.

The review:

Le Angelique is a company that manufactures high-quality hair straighteners. The company was founded in Los Angeles in 2005 and their products are time-tested. The Le Angelique Hummingbird 1/4 Inch Hair Straightener is one of their most popular products. Now let’s take a look at what this product has to offer.

The first impression that I got when I saw this straightener was the width of the plates. At 0.25″ wide, the plates are significantly thinner than most other straighteners on the market (its name is Hummingbird for a reason). This means that it can straighten very short hair with ease. This straightener is ideal for individuals who want to style their hair near the scalp. Thanks to the thin plates, you can reach to style almost everywhere on your head that a normal straightener cannot go. However, I have to admit that these 1/4-inch plates are not ideal for those with long hair since it takes much longer to style.

The plates are made of tourmaline and ceramic, which are two of the best materials for hair straighteners. Tourmaline is a material that emits negative ions when heated, which helps to lock in moisture and eliminate frizz. Ceramics is a very smooth material that helps to glide the hair through the plates without causing any damage. These 2 materials are now becoming the standard in the hair straightening industry because they provide the best results for most hair types.

Another thing I love about this straightener is that it is designed for edge styling. This is important for men’s short hairstyles since the edge is the most visible part. With this straightener, you can easily style the edges of your hair to get that clean look.

Talking about the temperature, this straightener can be used at up to 450F. This is hot enough for most hair types. The good thing is that this straightener heats up very fast. In just 15 seconds, it is already hot enough to start straightening your hair. Moreover, the temperature is adjustable, which means that you can find the perfect temperature for your hair type.

The Le Angelique Hummingbird Straightener has a long 360-degree swivel cord, it also allows you to style your hair from any angle. This is a crucial feature for those who style their hair in front of a mirror. Also, the dual voltage feature is handy if you travel a lot.

When unboxing, this hair tool comes with a little silk storage pouch. You can use this to store the straightener when you are not using it or when you travel. The pouch is heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the straightener when you put it inside.

All in all, if you want a super thin hair straightener that can style even the shortest hair, then this is the best thinnest hair straightener for men’s short hair that you are looking for.

Ghd Mini Hair Straightener


give salon quality result.


the power cord is tangled easily.

The review:

Ghd is a familiar name in the beauty world, and their mini professional styler is no exception. This styler is a smaller version of Ghd’s classic styler and is just as good. Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of this styler, shall we?

best hair straighteners for men ghd mini thevenusface
Unboxing the Ghd mini professional styler

If the Le Angelique Hummingbird Straightener plates are 1/4″ in width, then this Ghd styler is 1/2″ in width. That being said, this straightener is wider than the Hummingbird but still narrower than a lot of other straighteners on the market, which also makes it a great choice for those with shorter hair (but not super short). Actually, in this blog post, I tried to review a variety of straighteners that are different in width, from the thinnest to the standard in size, so that you have a lot of choices depending on how short your hair is, or how tight your curls are.

The Ghd Mini Professional Styler comes with ceramic plates, which is a material that heats up quickly and evenly. This is important because if your plates don’t heat up evenly, you’ll end up with hot spots on your hair, and we all know how that feels (not fun).

The plates on this styler are also contoured and rounded edges, which means that they will glide through your hair more easily and prevent snagging. Snagging is when your hair gets caught on the plates of your straightener and gets pulled, which can be really painful (ouch!).

About the temperature, this straightener has only one heat setting: 365 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the manufacturer, this is the optimal temperature to style your hair because it will minimize damage and breakage. I myself agree with this because when I straighten my hair at a lower temperature, it doesn’t get straight enough, and when I use a higher temperature, my hair starts to feel dry and brittle. Besides that, having only 1 option for the temperature actually simplifies things, and I’m all about that. However, for those of you who like to have more control over the heat, this might not be the right straightener for you.

The thing I love about this tool is that the plate guard is heat-resistant, so you can actually style your hair without worrying about burning yourself. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about this at first, but after using it, I was sold, you don’t need heat-resistant gloves with this straightener! Also, this tool will automatically shut off after 30 minutes of non-use, which is great if you’re like me and tend to forget to turn off your straightener.

The Ghd Mini Professional Styler comes with an 8.8 ft 360° swivel cord, which is a great feature because it means you can move around freely while you’re straightening your hair. No more being tethered to the outlet!

Overall, I really like this straightener and would recommend it to anyone with shorter hair (or who wants a smaller straightener to travel with). IMHO, this is the best 0.5 inches hair straightener for men’s short hair.

Karmin Professional Salon Pro G3 Hair Straightener (Our Top Pick)


Unbeatable price/performance, produces salon-quality.


not found at the time this product was reviewed.

The review:

This straightening iron is our top pick, perfect for both home and professional usage and it’s available for around $130 at larger online retailers. When you choose this design, you’ll access pure tourmaline ceramic plating which offers smooth and consistent performance. If you want to use this product internationally, you will need to buy an adapter. Its voltage ranges from 110-240 volts AC.

best hair straighteners for men karmin g3 salon thevenusface
Unboxing Karmin Professional Salon Pro G3

All hair types may be straightened with this Karmin Flat Iron, which features temperatures that range from 120 to 240 degrees Celsius (or 250 to 460 Fahrenheit). Known for its ability to smooth a range of hair types of all different ethnicities, this design has extra-long plates which will create a range of hair effects, from poker-straight hair to flip, curl and wave effects. With this flat iron as your secret weapon, every day will be a great hair day.

Equipped with high heat settings and frizz-defying plates, this high-quality straightening iron is a solid investment in your outward image. It will open up so many options in terms of styles, so you’ll never get bored. As well, it will help to keep moisture within the hair as it straightens, which will promote glossy shine and hair health.

Since this design is ultra-thin, it will be perfect for men who want to straighten shorter layers. Its lightweight design also makes it very comfortable to hold and it will straighten hair without pulling, due to its ultra-smooth ceramic plating.

This manufacturer has a strong reputation in its niche and the Karmin G3 flat irons are often featured in fashion and hairstyle magazines. It’s one of the trusted brands for salon-quality straightening. This straightener is also our top pick of best hair straighteners for men.

Jolie Amour Professional Ceramic Flat Iron


very wide range of temperature (180 to 450 degrees F).


short handle.

The review:

Because of the slim design, this straightener is more suitable for men, despite the fact that it is made for women!

Retailing for about $99.00 dollars at reputable online retailers, this design costs a little more than the BaByliss Pro BABNT3072…however, it does come with a lot of great features, as well as a stylish, black-and-gold design. The Professional Flat Iron by Jolie Amour offers pro salon results due to its ceramic plates and high heat settings – from one hundred and eighty to four hundred and fifty degrees.

Durable and reliable, this flat iron for men is sent out in an impressive gift box and it’s a popular gift idea for guys who want a sleeker hair look or the ability to change up their hairstyles on a whim. Since this design comes with dual voltage, you’ll be able to use it in a variety of countries, without needing to buy a special adapter.

Designed to work well with any hair type, this frizz-resistant flat iron gets great reviews, like all of the hair straighteners for men on our list. It’s designed to offer silky-smooth results which really last.

Some customers did find that this unit doesn’t heat up as fast as they’d like. However, it does work at temperatures of up to three hundred and fifty degrees. Customers found that this flat iron was just great for shorter hair. So, it may be a good option for you if you tend to stick with shorter styles.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima3000 Flat Iron


titanium plates are suitable for coarse hair.


plates are 1.25 inches wide, which may not suitable for very short hair.

The review:

Of all of the styles on our list, this one offers the second-most impressive performance across the board (the Karmin ranks 1st). Retailing for about $190.00 at larger online retailers, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron is a suitable choice for discerning guys who want perfect hair, day in and day out!

best hair straighteners for men babyblisspro thevenusface
Unboxing BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima3000

While it costs a bit more, it’s definitely worth the extra money, as it is constructed from parts of the highest quality. This high-tech flat iron is known for offering premium consistency and it is really very reasonably priced in light of its quality. Equipped with ceramic tourmaline heating plates which provide a smooth, frizz-free finish, this unit heats up in seconds, so you’ll never need to play the waiting game!

As well, it comes with a safety auto shut-off feature, which is handy as people do occasionally forget to turn on or unplug their hair straighteners. In addition, it features an LED temperature display, as well as a cord that pivots a full 360 degrees. This cord is tangle-resistant.

Since it comes with a money-back guarantee, you may order this superlative model online, knowing you may return it for any reason if you’re not totally satisfied. However, since it gets the best reviews of any model that we’ve featured here, the risk of disappointment will be slim to nil.

BabyBliss is a respected brand name and the company produces a line of high-quality hair straighteners for both genders. This is one of their most popular flat irons, as it delivers salon-quality results and is very simple to use. IMHO, this is the best titanium hair straightener for men.

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GHD Gold Professional Hair Straightener


professional-graded and salon-quality result.


the price is not cheap.

The review:

This high-end hair straightener for men retails for $229 at larger online retailers, so it’s rather expensive compared to other picks on our list, such as the top-rated Onassis style that we just discussed. However, some people do have more money to spend on these types of hair products and they may gravitate towards a designer style like this one.

best hair straighteners for men ghd gold thevenusface
Unboxing GHD Gold Professional Styler

This short hair flat iron offers a perfect blend of form and function and it offers a sleek and modern black finish which is definitely very attractive. As well, it’s equipped with patented tri-zone technology, which means that it’s extremely efficient in terms of heat transfer. Men who use this design find that it works very quickly and that it cuts their styling time down,

Designed to straighten every type of hair texture, this short hair straightener will preserve shine and glossiness as it gets hair smooth and straight. In most cases, one stroke with this designer flat iron will be enough to give superior results. The outside of this hair straightener will stay cool even when it’s been running for long periods of time, such as forty-five minutes, which means that it’s comfortable to hold and use. Overall, I believe this is the best professional hair straightener for men.

How to choose the best hair straightener for men

Now that we’ve reviewed four stellar options and also talked about why men need certain features from hair straighteners, you’ll be ready to move closer to a final decision. As we mentioned earlier, every product on our list has a strong and positive reputation. So, choosing any of these designs will give you the power to smooth curls or waves quickly, while also avoiding unwanted frizz.

We have given the Karmin G3 Pro Professional hair straightener the title of “top pick”. If you’re interested in buying something right away, you can’t go wrong with this one and its price isn’t as high as the GHD model.

Some guys will buy based on price points. If you’re on a budget, you might want to consider the Babybliss or Jolie Amour hair straighteners, as they are lower in price than the top-ranked Karmin G3 Salon design and the GHD hair straightener. In general, you shouldn’t buy cheap flat irons. The ones that we’ve listed here are not cheap – they are high-quality and each one retails for over one hundred dollars.

2022 update: if you have short to very short hair, you may want to consider the Le Angelique Hummingbird (0.25 inches) or the Ghd Mini Professional Hair Straightener (0.5 inches), depending on how short your hair is.

With flat irons, you will typically get what you pay for and it’s important to spend a bit more in order to access high-performance features, warranties, and other perks. The cheapest hair straightener may not protect hair from frizz as they straighten and they may not be built in order to stand the test of time.

To find the best price on your preferred design, check larger online retailers with strong reputations. It’s pretty easy to compare prices at a few different retailers, although you may find that the biggest, most famous online retailers offer better deals. Make sure that you buy from a reputable retailer, as you’ll need to know that you are accessing an authentic product.

Once you’ve gotten your new hair straightener for short hair, you’ll be ready to move forward and experiment with smoother styles. If you have curly hair, you’ll be amazed by how different you look once it’s straight. Even those with wavy hair will find that straightening their locks makes them look completely different. Smooth, straight hair is very fashionable these days and a lot of Hollywood actors and male models do straighten their hair in order to look fresh and current.

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Remember to choose the right temperature range

High heat will provide the most straightening power – however, the highest heat levels also promote more hair damage. One tip for guys is to apply a bit of heat-protecting styling serum before straightening – using this type of product will help to prevent hair damage at any heat setting.

Of course, the styles on our list will work well for longer-haired guys…it’s just that they’re wonderful choices for shorter styles and a lot of men really appreciate this!

Below is the recommended temperature:

hair straightener flat iron temperature
Different temperatures for different hair types and purposes. Choose the right temperature dependently

Order the best hair straighteners for men

Hopefully, our comprehensive guide has given you the hard facts that you need. Our goal was to explain why men have different needs when it comes to choosing good hair straighteners. As well, we wanted to make comparison shopping easier for you, by offering you information that saves you from having to check out hair straighteners for men at a variety of different websites.

men hair straightener flat iron
Short, straight hair is on the trend. Choose your straightener and start styling now!

Now that you know the facts, why not order the best hair straightener for men today? When you do, each day will be a great hair day and you’ll open up so many hair styling possibilities. Always factor the cost of shipping into your order. In addition, it’s smart to choose a flat iron with a strong warranty.

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How often can guys straighten their hair?

There is no specific limit on how often guys can straighten their hair, but excessive use of heat styling tools like straighteners can damage the hair over time. It’s generally recommended to use these tools no more than once or twice a week to minimize damage to the hair.

Is it OK for men to use hair straighteners?

This year is 202x! It is perfectly fine for men to use hair straighteners if they choose to do so. Hair straighteners are styling tools that can be used by anyone, regardless of gender. Many men use hair straighteners to achieve a sleek and polished look, particularly if they have curly or wavy hair.

How long does hair straightening last (men)?

Typically, the results of hair straightening with a flat iron can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on how well the hair is maintained and the individual’s hair type. It’s important to note that excessive sweating, exposure to humidity or rain, and touching or brushing the hair can cause the straightening to wear off more quickly.

To maintain the straightened look for longer, it’s recommended to use a heat protectant spray before using the flat iron and to avoid washing the hair for at least 24 hours after straightening. Additionally, using a hair serum or oil can help to keep the hair smooth and frizz-free.


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