5 Healthy & Sustainable Aging Tips From Women

In the busyness of daily life, you may find it difficult to juggle your daily tasks while making your health a priority. However, to age gracefully and maintain your health, you need to not only take care of your skin with products such as Foundation Skincare, but you also need to mind your overall health. These are a few tips to help.


Your body needs exercise. Every week, you should spend at least two and a half hours doing something physical. This activity improves your mental, emotional, and physical health. It also helps you avoid and manage diseases such as heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and diabetes. Exercise also keeps your muscles toned and your skin tight, so you look great too. Include both moderate-intensity cardio and strength training in your exercise program.

Nutrition as Fuel for Your Health

You have probably purchased products that add vitamins and nutrients to your skin, such as Vitamin C face cream, but your body as a whole needs a well-balanced diet. You should eat colorful fruits and vegetables along with lean meats. Drink lots of water to help your body retain moisture.

You can also add supplements. For example, as your body ages, it produces less collagen, causing your skin to wrinkle and your connective tissues to weaken. However, meats, bone broth, and gelatin as well as peptide supplementation help restore your collagen. Foods like dairy, chicken, soybeans and beef also contain beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate, which prevents muscle loss. Your body also needs additional calcium, protein and vitamin D.

Get Routine Medical Tests

Every two years, you should have a breast examination, colon cancer screening and pap screenings. You should also regularly visit a dentist and take care of your teeth. Your doctor should also regularly check your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. You may also have a podiatrist check and care for your feet. Don’t forget your hearing and eye tests.

Confidence and Body Positivity

As you age, you can experience declining mental health. In fact, many experience depression and anxiety. These challenges may be the result of health conditions, the death of loved ones and loneliness.

If you begin to feel these emotions, speak with your doctor.

You can also practice mindfulness techniques. Also, find ways to improve your confidence, such as learning about hair loss myths and facts and what you can do to mitigate them. Remember that your body is beautiful no matter its age. Learn to accept and love yourself through positive self-talk in front of a mirror.

Adopt Brain-Healthy Habits

As you age, you likely want to keep your brain sharp and healthy. Your diet and exercise program are important to maintaining your brain health. However, you should do other things to help your cognitive function. First, practice mindfulness or meditation exercises.

Avoid watching too much television and instead, get your entertainment from reading books. Find new things to learn, such as a language or another topic that interests you. Learn about and pursue your hobbies. Healthy aging isn’t a myth. You can actually improve your health as you age. Test these tips and learn other ways to age sustainably.

Halle Jackson
Halle Jackson
My name is Halle Jackson and I am a dermatologist, skincare specialist, and makeup artist. I am also a content writer for TheVenusFace.com. Through my writing, I aim to educate and inspire readers to take control of their skin health and beauty. I believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, and I am committed to sharing my knowledge and expertise to help make that a reality.