Apply The 4 Following Natural Masks To Reduce Oil On Your Skin In Summer

In spite of using cosmetics to temporarily hide away the oil on you face, the long-term way to reduce oily skin in summer days is to supply with water to the skin through natural masks. This is time-consuming, but worth the effort.

We used to think that greasy skin does not need moisturizer. In essence, this is the most dehydrated skin type, therefore the skin secretes oil to re-balance. In the summer, it is the higher temperature that making more dehydrated and thus the secretion increases. If you want to reduce greasy acne, then just supply with water to the skin through the following types of masks. They will ensure sufficient moisture for your skin without causing oil, making your skin clean and reduce acne gradually.

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Formula 1: Banana and honey

banana and honey thevenusface.comMix a crushed banana with 2 spoons of honey, apply the mixture on the face for around 15 minutes then clean with water.

Both banana and honey are rich in moisture, especially these two ingredients are very good antiseptic properties, making your skin clean, preventing acne while maintaining the required moisture.

Formula 2: Orange and aloe

aloe and orange juice

Mix 1 spoon of orange juice and 1 spoon of aloe together, apply the mixture on the face for around 20 minutes then clean with water.

Oranges and lemons are an ideal material to prevent acne for oily skin. However, if you apply these fruit too much, they may erode and damage the skin. Therefore, the combination of aloe gel reduces the heavy antiseptic of orange and lemon juices, and also supply with water to the skin more effective.

Formula 3: Avocado, lemon and egg-white

avocado lemon juice and egg-white

Mix half of the avocado, 1 egg-white and 1 spoon of lemon juice together, apply the mixture on the face for around 15 minutes then clean with water

A formula is very popular for peeling acne is to use glair mixed with lemon juice. Although this mixture can treat blackheads and immediately reduce the oiliness, in case of long-term use, it may make your skin dried. Combine avocado on the above classic formula, you will have skin free from acne, and smooth and shining thanks to the abundant vitamin contained in the avocado.

Formula 4: Strawberry, egg-white and honey

strawberry egg-white and honey

Mix 6 crushed strawberries, 1 egg-white and 3 spoons of honey together,  apply the mixture on the face for around 20 minutes then clean with water

If your skin is too sensitive and easy to dry due to the lemon juice, let’s exclude this acidic material and replace with strawberries. Strawberry is also abundant in vitamin C – a great ingredient for oily acne prone skin, making whitening and acne prevention. Mixing of strawberries,glair and honey, you have got a mask for treatment for blackheads and moisturizer as well.

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